Red Tsunami! Nearly Eight of Ten Believe US, “Out of Control”; Independents Rushing To GOP

Since unleashing Dark Brandon on the nation, Democrats’ polling has taken a nose dive.

With just over a week until election day, the mood of the country points to disastrous midterm elections for the party in power–the Democrats.

A new CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll shows 79 percent of Americans believe the country is “out of control” with only 21 percent saying things are “under control.”

The poll also shows a sharp break between independents to Republicans took place over the past two weeks.

The views on the direction of the country and the state of the economy are almost as bad.

73 percent believe things are “going badly” in America (42 percent say very badly), and only 26 percent say things are “going well” (6 percent say very well.)

69 percent say the economy is “bad” (40 percent very bad) while 27 percent say the economy is “good” (7 percent say very good.)

Joe Biden’s approve/disapprove is 44/56 (22 percent strongly approve/44 percent strongly disapprove.)

In the generic Congressional ballot preference question, Republicans have a two-point advantage, 47/45 over Democrats.

Independents favor Republicans by an astonishing 49 percent to 33 percent. Two weeks ago the Democrats were favored 40 percent to 38 percent.


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