Book Says Biden Rages Over Reminders Of Trump In White House: ‘What A F***ing A**hole’

In what is not a surprise for those who are political junkies, President Joe Biden reportedly becomes enraged when he stumbles across reminders of former President Donald Trump inside the White House.

The revelation was made in the forthcoming book, “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” by author Chris Whipple.

In addition, Sky News Australia knows that ‘Angry Birds’ has nothing on ‘angry’ Joe Biden: Panahi

The Daily Mail reported that anything left over from the Trump administration, including a big-screen television and a $50,000 golf simulator that Trump personally paid to have installed allowing him to play virtual golf on almost any golf course around the world, might cause a Biden blowup.

“‘What a f***ing a**hole’ Biden said, showing the contraption to a guest,” Biden allegedly said to a guest while showing them one of the things that Trump left behind.

Biden reportedly has in effect, developed Trump Derangement Syndrome, as he opposes using things that the former president, the book said.

The 80-year declining leftist is also reportedly paranoid that Secret Service personnel were loyal to Trump.

It was revealed in early December that scenes of illegal aliens invading the U.S. southern border caused Biden to erupt into states of fury, dropping f-bombs in front of aides.

“Meanwhile, illegal immigrants kept arriving. And Biden was furious,” the book says, according to a copy obtained by Fox News. “Aides had rarely seen him so angry. From all over the West Wing, you could hear the president cursing, dropping f-bombs (he’d always apologize when women were present).”

A senior Biden official reportedly told the author that the anger came from an apparent “lack of solutions” to the crisis.

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“It’s like, ‘How would you feel if you were me and these were the solutions you had?’ It’s the weight of the presidency, right?” the adviser said.

The book said that “early in his term he had reserved the f-bomb mostly for discussions of the southern border,” but he later started using it when other crises began popping up.

The book gained attention earlier this week when it revealed that Biden allegedly called Vice President Kamala Harris, who has struggled throughout her first two years in office, a “work in progress.”

Can you imagine how cranky an 82 years old Biden would be if elected to a second term in office?

Hey America, let’s not find out, vote conservative in 2024.

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