Bodycam Footage Shows Police Officer Save Child Who Was Not Breathing

A majority of the day-to-day duties included in each shift, worked by the men and women in blue, go mostly unnoticed.

In the massive city of Los Angles, the maligned LAPD officers patrolling the streets are sometimes called on to save the lives of children whose families are helpless to intervene on their own.

Last week, an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department rescued a child who was not breathing.

The lifesaving measures were captured on his bodycam video.

On Tuesday, Officer Nick Ferara was inside LAPD Harbor Station meeting with a community member. Suddenly, a parent started yelling for help.

Ferara’s bodycam footage shows a person carrying the child toward the restroom.

The officer follows them, takes the child into his own arms, and begins patting him on the back — a form of less invasive CPR for young children.

“I don’t know if he’s breathing right now,” Ferara can be heard saying. “Breathe, c’mon.”

The boy is then placed on the ground and another officer can be heard saying that the boy is breathing.

The child was taken to a local hospital and has made a full recovery.

It was all caught in the following video:

Another great story and a reminder of how blessed we are to have these talented and selfless men and women serving and protecting our communities.

This family and young son’s lives will never be the same because of the quick actions taken by Officer Nick Ferara.


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