Billionaire Oil Refiner Warns Biden To ‘Open Up The Spigots’

The elephant is in the room, and very few in attendance are doing anything to address it.

The Biden administration, in concert with the mainstream corporate-run news media, is doing their best to deflect the responsibility for the skyrocketing gasoline costs, the main driver in the inflation of everyday household goods.

New York City billionaire and oil refiner John Catsimatidis, is one of the good guys speaking out concerning the elephant.

Catsimatidis points out that the problem for America is a compromised Joe Biden.

On Monday during his appearance on “Mornings with Maria”, the energy mogul stressed that President Biden should “open up the spigots” as Americans feel the wrath of soaring costs at the pump and in the food store.

Reacting to the national average price of a gallon of gas reaching a new all-time high of $4.86, Catsimatidis told FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell that “it will get worse” and lamented that neither the exacerbation nor an economic recession has to happen, but leaders refuse to change course.

Catsimatidis cited President Biden’s “obsession” with not “turning on North American oil spigots” as a leading culprit behind high energy costs and criticized him for seeking oil from Saudi Arabia instead of drilling domestically.

“We have 100 years’ worth of oil. Let them open up the spigots and the price of crude oil will come back down to $55, $60, maybe $65 – half,” he stressed on “Mornings with Maria” Monday.

“[Biden] wants to fly to Saudi Arabia and beg the Saudi Arabians to give us another half a million barrels at $120 a barrel… It makes no sense,” he added.

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It could not be more obvious to those who think.

Our nation’s out-of-control energy costs, leading to massive inflation, are being orchestrated globally and done intentionally.

The Great Reset mob, is advancing their 2030 goals via a compromised and declining President of the United States.


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