Big Win For Children – Vanderbilt University To Stop Gender Transition Surgeries On Minors

If you have ever considered taking a strong stand against issues that are important to you but are not sure if it will make a difference, what just happened at Vanderbilt might give you encouragement to move forward.

In response to the fallout from Matt Walsh’s exposé by Daily Wire which drew national attention to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC) Pediatric Transgender Clinic, the Univerity agreed to pause all gender transition surgeries performed on minors.

VUMC announced the decision in an Oct. 7 letter to Tennessee Representative Jason Zachary, stating that the clinic would “pause gender affirmation surgeries on patients under age 18” while it completes an internal clinic review on treating underage patients.

Walsh tweeted the news the same day, stating that the “fight is far from over but this will save children from mutilation and abuse.”

The VUMC letter claimed that the clinic review will also serve to assure the clinic complies with new guidances established by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

The new report, released Sept. 6, states that surgical treatment decisions should be “made carefully” due to the lack of studies on long-term effects.

“Despite the slowly growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of early medical intervention, the number of studies is still low, and there are few outcome studies that follow youth into adulthood,” the report reads.

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“Therefore, a systematic review regarding outcomes of treatment in adolescents is not possible,” the report added.

VUMC also agreed to “comply with any new requirements” established by the General Assembly (GA) in the upcoming legislative session.

TN passed numerous laws regulating child transitioning in 2021, one of which prohibits providing hormone treatment to prepubescent children.

Zachary, who led a coalition of six GA members in a letter prompting VUMC to cease its activity in September, announced the update on Twitter, stating:

“My colleagues and I in the Tennessee General Assembly are alarmed by recent reports from the Daily Wire detailing the surgical mutilations of minor children at Vanderbilt University Medical Center,” the letter read.

VUMC’s letter also sought to clarify statements made by Dr. Shayne Taylor, who works for the clinic, who claimed gender transitioning surgery is a “big money maker” due to the number of procedures required.

VUMC assured no state or federal funds are used for the procedures and disputed the claim, saying the revenue accrued is “an immaterial percentage.”

“Comments from videos posted to social media that are obtained at [conferences] should not be construed as statements of VUMC policy,” the letter reads.


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