Biden’s Job Approval Tanking, Even In CA & Home State Of Delaware

In political debate when your party is in power you do your best to refute negative poll results and news reports.

When your party is in the minority you do the opposite, instead, you pounce on all data that shows how terrible those in power are doing.

The goal is to slow or stop the advancement of their policies that you disagree with and to hopefully damage their incumbent’s approval with their constituents so they are ripe for the picking in the next election cycle.

According to the CIVIQS rolling job approval average, those who somehow support Joe Biden, can’t be happy.

Yes, the GOP is happy to see the radical left’s president failing in the polls, but Joe is doing so poorly that is it hard for the republicans to take pleasure in his tanking numbers while his policies are really hurting the opportunities and budgets of the average American.

According to the poll, Biden is underwater in 47 states, including California, which he blew out in 2020, and even in his home state of Delaware.

The poll showed Joe’s job approval is back down to 34 percent. The poll also showed that the president has a 55% disapproval, while ten percent somehow claimed to have no opinion.

When you subtract the two numbers, Biden has an overall net approval of negative 21.

In what has many political pundits on the left increasingly nervous, Biden is also underwater with independent respondents.

This Independent group’s increasing percentage of total voters has made them very important to campaign strategies and advertisement spending. Only 22 percent of independent respondents say they approve of Biden, while 65 percent disapprove, with 13 percent having no opinion.

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Not even halfway through his presidency, Biden’s poor performance in his handling of the supply chain crisis, record-high inflation, a baby formula shortage, and the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal has the majority of those polled jumping ship.

Biden’s main agenda item, the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act (BBB), has been dead in the water for some time as Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have refused to sign off on the massive pork spending legislation.

The CIVIQS rolling job approval average had 207,285 responses tracked between January 20 and May 29. The CIVIQS tracking model is meant to capture the shifts in attitude of various groups over time across all 50 states.

President Joe Biden is an especially huge drag for Democrats running for re-election.

The predicted fallout from Joe’s failing presidency now has the Cook Report showing the Democrats losing up to 35 U.S. House seats in the upcoming mid-term elections.


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