Biden’s Inflation: 70% of U.S. Workers Forced To Look For Extra Work

During the pandemic, individuals in most states were locked down or heavily restricted from interacting with others in their communities.

As a result, tens of thousands of small businesses closed or barely survived as they were forced to lay off most of their workforce.

But, as the US started re-opening, the resiliency of the American economic system kicked in helping our nation get back on track.

During a recent interview on 60 minutes, President Biden told Americans that the COVID pandemic is over.

In spite of the attempts by the administration to paint a rosy picture, Americans are facing out-of-control inflation and product shortages.

As Biden’s disastrous fiscal and social agendas are being implemented, the extra cost for goods and services for the average family could reach an extra $11,500 this year.

Bluecrew, the first W-2 “Workforce-as-a-Service” platform that provides employers with high-quality hourly workers, released new data that shows nearly 70% of American workers are seeking additional work to combat the increased cost of living.

Soaring inflation, with rising gas, food, healthcare, and housing prices––coupled with incomes and the federal minimum wage not increasing at the same rate has caused them to work more hours (69%) or to re-evaluate their current work situation (68%).

Furthermore, 72 percent of Americans say inflation has impacted how they view their job, and 57 percent say they sought new or additional roles in the past year as the cost of living has ballooned since 2021 under the Biden administration.

While the job market is strong, workers are being swamped by higher expenses, causing a majority of those surveyed to work multiple jobs or seek flexible gig or part-time work to fill in the gaps.

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Nearly 6 in 10 Americans surveyed said they are currently looking for or are interested in short-term gig work (58%), such as Uber or completing online surveys.

“American workers have taken a one-two punch in the last several years: just as pandemic-induced unemployment declines, inflation rates rapidly soar, forcing people around the country to reexamine how they’re spending and earning,” said Matt Laurinas, Chief Customer Officer at Bluecrew.

“As price increases persist, we anticipate more American households picking up additional roles and exploring flexible, shift-based, and part-time opportunities to make ends meet. As U.S. businesses strive to keep reliable workers clocking in, it’s critical to understand what’s most important to the average worker: fair wages, work/life balance, and competitive benefits,” Laurinas added.

In what could dampen the upcoming holidays, many who will be looking for extra work during the shopping season will find that employers in many cities may choose to pass on hiring due to recession fears and less consumer spending.

As CNBC reported, Walmart is planning on hiring 40,000 workers this holiday season, which is drastically down from the 150,000 retail workers and 20,000 supply chain workers that were hired the previous year.

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