During my weeks of writing articles for several websites, my subject material varies as there are different people, places, and actions taking place around the US, primarily, to keep the stories fresh.

With us coming up to only 100 days before the Presidential election, Sleepy Joe, as President Trump had nicknamed him, is becoming more visible doing more interviews and online speeches for us all see. Unlike what I said earlier, former Vice President Joe Biden’s stories, events, and actions are sounding very similar each time I write about them.

Joe is the main person, he looks tired and out of it, he starts the conversation ok but quickly starts to fade, and then makes verbal and physical gaffs to the consternation of his handlers.

Today was no different as he veered off his teleprompter assigning physicians to voter registration drives.

From Gateway Pundit

Is there a doctor in the house?

77-year-old Joe Biden on Monday became totally incoherent during a softball interview with MSNBC and told host Joy Reid his campaign has “voter registration physicians” in the states…to allow for voting in place.

What exactly is a voter registration physician?

“The only thing we can do about it is be prepared. We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling — every — uh, uh, uh voter registration physician in the state, the secretaries of state…to allow for voting in place.”

Joe Reid’s job was to cover for Joe’s gaffs while asking the easiest questions possible, without making it too obvious.

I know the left doesn’t care, Joe is their man, even with declining mental acuity. They shamefully will keep attacking President Trump, for anything, instead of asking the honest question about Joe Biden’s lack of readiness for the most difficult job in the world.

Joe Biden, please keep on talking, come out of the basement and do some live events, and tweet away. Thank you in advance because every time you do any of these, you help President Trump get on step closer to re-election.

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