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Biden To Kill More Jobs, Now Targeting Tobacco Industry


Biden To Kill More Jobs, Now Targeting Tobacco Industry

In what may surprise many, the Obiden (Obama/Biden) administration is actually succeeding.

From day 1 they have been working to destroy and burn down our traditional American culture and capitalistic economic system.

In line with the Green New Deal’s carbon reduction agenda and their goal of forcing everyone onto government-run medical, President Biden’s administration is now going after the tobacco industry.

If they are successful, they will make doing business very difficult, likely leading to a large number of job losses.

The administration is advancing a new FDA rule that would effectively ban nearly all nicotine in cigarettes. Without the nicotine, sales would plummet, helping Biden advance his “moonshot” directive trying to eliminate cancer. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, “FDA officials said reducing nicotine in cigarettes to very low levels would prevent future generations from becoming addicted to cigarettes, and help current smokers to quit or switch to less-harmful alternatives.” 

“According to an FDA study published in 2018, such a rule would prompt an additional 13 million adult smokers to quit within five years of implementation,” the report continues.

Tobacco companies are concerned this move could potentially eliminate thousands of jobs. According to industry statistics, just over 11,000 jobs could be at risk if the initiative is accomplished. 

Many industry experts believe Biden’s efforts will fall short.

Guy Bentley, director of consumer freedom at the Reason Foundation, told the Washington Post in a report that “the proposal would ban most cigarettes currently sold in America.” 

When “Combined with the Biden administration’s proposed ban on menthol cigarettes, this would amount to an effort similar to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s.” Bently told the Post that he could only see failure as an outcome of this newest Biden initiative.

Biden’s “moonshot” initiative would take years to enact and could easily be reversed under a future administration. Most likely, the initiative could lose to heavy lobbying by the $100 billion annual Tobacco industry.

It appears to me that Biden’s team has been provided a list of industries and some pre-written legislation for use in targeting a wide range of organizations.

In their attempt to shift the nation towards Marxism, the administration will continue its consistent attack on industries that don’t comply with the new Great Reset’s ESG financial standards.

In addition to tobacco; the left is after shutting down the coal, oil, and natural gas industries.

The leftists are also after ranchers, gun manufacturers, and anyone who loves America.

In the end, if Biden was able to cripple the tobacco industry, the 11,000 jobs that would be lost would not keep him up at night.

This number is only a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming due to the massive number of illegal aliens crossing our open borders looking for work, AI, and robotics replacing humans across multiple industries.


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