Biden Swaps WNBA Player For “Merchant of Death”, US Marine Corps Vet Left Behind

Well, you can chalk up another loss for the United States.

In their ongoing discussions about a possible prisoner swap between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden, the Biden administration was originally asking for two American citizens to be released in exchange for a Russian terrorist.

On Thursday Biden announced that he settled for just one of the Americans, in exchange for the international arms dealer.

According to the 80 years old puppet of Barack Obama, Joe said that Brittney Griner was released, leaving the soldier behind.

Yes, Joe Biden traded the world’s most wanted fugitive, Russian Viktor Bout, for a pot-smoking anti-American basketball player.

Paul Whelan, a Marine vet who is now 52, is still imprisoned in Russia.

Biden’s handlers posted Biden’s actions on Twitter.

Biden’s abandonment of the military vet, leaving him behind bars in a foreign nation, is similar to what his former boss President Barack Obama did in 2014.

Obama was M.I.A. on the case of a decorated Marine jailed in Mexico.

Reported by The Hill:

This past Sunday (October 12, 2014), President Obama played his 200th round of golf as president of the United States. And tragically, it has been just over 200 days that Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a decorated U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, has languished in a Mexican jail.

In April, Tahmooressi crossed the southern border at San Ysidro by mistake after taking a wrong turn; he was stopped by Mexican officials who found three U.S.-registered guns in his truck. Since Mexico has extremely strict firearms laws, he was taken into custody.

The ensuing six months have been a nightmare for 25-year-old Tahmooressi, who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS) stemming from his combat service, and his family. In April, Tahmooressi even attempted to take his own life. Mexican authorities have dragged their feet on the case.

Reporters tried to ask Biden about the swap, but Joe ignored the press after he announced that he was authorizing a $36 billion bailout for the Central States Pension Fund – one of the nation’s biggest multi-employer plans.

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As with other progressive-run organizations, the Union has significantly over-promised benefits to their members and was heading toward defaulting on their obligations.

After mumbling through his remarks, Joe Biden turned around and ignored reporters as his team was heard loudly trying to usher the media out the door to ensure Joe did not forget his instructions and try to answer their questions.

Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered with questions about his decision to swap Griner for the “Merchant of Death.”


Earlier Thursday Karine Jean-Pierre, a black lesbian, defended Biden and said Brittney Griner is an important role model for the queer community and women of color.

“The choice was bring Brittney home or no one,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“The president will never stop working to secure Paul Whelan’s release. On a personal note, Brittney is an important role model, an inspiration to millions of Americans particularly the LGBTQI+ Americans and women of color,” KJP said.


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