BIDEN: ‘I Wasn’t Qualified’ To Become ‘A Firefighter, A Cop, Or A Priest’

In what is a mystery to many, some people in positions of influence and power are supported by their constituents, even though they are not qualified, and/or are re-elected after performing poorly.

One of them, Joe Biden, who has worked on Capitol Hill for close to half a century, was an ineffective US Senator for the people of Deleware and is currently on his way to overseeing the worst presidency in American history.

There is an ongoing debate concerning the reasons for Joe’s terrible decision-making and lack of leadership.

Some believe Biden’s lack of awareness and requirement for constant help from his wife and other handlers is due to his advanced age, as he is turning 80 on November 20th.

With Joe apparently unaware most of the time, this has allowed some of Barack Obama’s former advisers, and globalists from The World Economic Forum and Black Rock Financial, to help guide policy and provide direction for the unqualified cabinet serving the president.

Last Friday Joe added another verbal blunder to his growing gaffe file.

The 46th President said that he would be starting off his speech with “two words,” but then using three.

“Let me start off with two words: made in America,” Biden declared as the oblivious crowd cheered. He then repeated the same three-word phrase: “Made in America.”


In a public appearance on Tuesday, Joe embarrassingly admitted that “all of my buddies” from grade school went on to serve in jobs as police officers, firefighters, and priests, but he didn’t qualify for any of them, so he went into politics.

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“I went to a little school called Holy Rosary grade school, across from the Claremont Fire Hall, and all my buddies, they either became a firefighter, a cop, or a priest,” Biden said. “I wasn’t qualified for any of them, so here I am.”

So America, we have a guy who could not qualify to put out a fire but somehow is serving in the most powerful governmental position in our nation, and possibly still in the entire world.

Earlier the same week, Biden bragged that his economic policies have led to the creation of a meager number of new manufacturing jobs.

“As I said, since I came to office, our economy has created 10 million jobs, 668 manufacturing jobs,” Biden shouted during an event on Thursday.

All I can say is Joe Biden is not qualified mentally, intellectually, and morally to be our nation’s, Chief Executive Officer.

Basement Biden must be removed from office by January 20th, 2025, at the very latest.


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