Biden DOD To Return Weapons To Israel, After Sending To Ukraine

Once again the Biden administration has been caught in a lie, exaggeration, or just another manifestation of being incompetent.

While experts and officials claim that Israel and Ukraine need different weapons, both are in need of 155mm artillery shells in their respective wars.

In January, the Pentagon acknowledged that in order to supply Ukraine with 155 mm artillery shells for its ground war with Russia, it dipped into its stockpile in Israel.

The stockpile is for U.S. forces in the region, but also for Israeli forces in emergencies such as responding to the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks.

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On Monday, October 16, 2023, US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen was interviewed by Sky News’ Wilfred Frost before a meeting of finance ministers in Luxembourg.

Frost asked if the U.S. can afford to provide military aid to Israel and Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia given the current debt-to-GDP ratio of 122%.

Yellen confidently said, “I think the answer is absolutely.”

She continued: “America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel’s military needs, and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia. The American economy is doing extremely well.”

In the aftermath of Hammas’ attack, the U.S. is making a U-turn.

During his primetime address on Thursday, President Biden claimed the United States was not prioritizing one war over the other, but hours earlier, a Defense Department official said that tens of thousands of 155-millimeter artillery shells promised to Ukraine would be diverted to Israel.

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On Monday the Department of Defense admitted it is now having to send back to Israel some of the weapons it sent from its stocks there to Europe for Ukraine.

“We withdrew 155 [shells] from the stockpile in Israel for our forces in [European Command] and now we are sending that back to Israel for their use,” a senior defense official told reporters during a Pentagon press conference.

The New York Times also reported that “half” of the shells in the stockpile in Israel were shipped to Europe last winter.

But now, the Pentagon is admitting some of those weapons are being sent back, as Israel prepares for a ground invasion in the Gaza Strip against Hamas.

The Pentagon plans to send Israel tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells that had been destined for Ukraine from U.S. emergency stocks several months ago, three Israeli officials with knowledge of the situation tell Axios.

The Pentagon official also said the U.S. is assessing its stocks “globally” to see what could be made readily available for Israel and Ukraine.

“The United States can walk and chew gum at the same time,” the official said, adding:

“So we’re going to continue to ensure that Ukraine has what it needs to defend its territory. And at the same time, we’re ensuring that Israel has what it needs. Two very different operational environments with different levels of need and consultation. And we’re continuing to prioritize both.”

However, Army leaders have already publicly expressed concerns about being able to meet demand from both Israel and Ukraine.

As previously reported by Breitbart News, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said earlier this month that without more funding from Congress, it would be difficult to expand weapons production and pay for them. She said:

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One thing that is really important in terms of the munitions in particular, and our ability to support both potentially the Israelis and the Ukrainians simultaneously, is additional funding from Congress to be able to increase our capacity, in terms of our capacity to expand production and then to also pay for the munitions themselves. 

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