Biden Did It! US Government Expects Heating Bills Jump As Much As 54% This Winter

In January 2008 Barak Obama spoke about the transformations he wanted to implement saying; “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

With Obama frequently speaking with and advising Joe Biden, it should be no surprise that energy costs are skyrocketing.

It is going to cost Americans a lot more money to keep their homes heated this winter thanks to Biden’s actions including shutting down the Keystone XL and other pipelines across the U.S.

With more cash in the economy and 10M unfilled job vacancies, Inflation was up 5.4% year over year in September – the highest rate in 13 years!

Prices rose 0.4% in Sept, up from 0.3% in August.

Gas, food, and goods continue to be key drivers of inflation.


The US government is expecting households to see their heating bills jump as experts expect to see lower temperatures this upcoming winter season.

The Associated Press reported:

With prices surging worldwide for heating oil, natural gas, and other fuels, the U.S. government said Wednesday it expects households to see their heating bills jump as much as 54% compared to last winter.

The sharpest increases are likely for homes that use propane, which accounts for only 5% of U.S. households, but others are also likely to see big increases.

Homes that use natural gas, which make up nearly half of all U.S. households, may spend $746 this winter, 30% more than a year ago. That could make this winter’s heating bills the highest for them since the winter of 2008-2009.

The second-most typical heating source for homes is electricity, making up 41% of the country, and those households could see a more modest 6% increase to $1,268. Homes using heating oil, which makes up 4% of the country, could see a 43% increase — more than $500 — to $1,734.

Americans will have to deal with the ramifications of Joe Biden’s policies for at least 3 more years.

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The question is will they be angry enough to vote the Democrats out of office in 2022, then elect a conservative to replace basement Joe in 2024.

What happens in these two elections will decide the fate of our Constitutional Republic.

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