Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue That Was Attacked; Synagogue Says That’s False

Joe Biden has a few major characters flaws which have been on display throughout his 45 plus years in public office.

Lying, exaggerating, or simply mixing up the facts can be found in many of his speeches and off-the-cuff comments.

Joe Biden in 1988 Joe is seen talking, lying, about his three degrees from college and scholarship. The following clip is taken from Greg Kelly Report on Newsmax TV.

Tammy Bruce exposes Biden presidency failures: His lies ‘get people murdered’

‘Leftism infects every single institution it infiltrates’

Fox News Primetime” host Tammy Bruce unloaded on President Biden and his White House for various “lies” that she claims have cost the lives of Americans.

Bruce: The fact that Biden is a liar is not news. He has been exposed as a plagiarist, which is essentially lying on paper. And his lies about himself make him one of the most powerful fabulists, which is a person who makes up wild stories, passing them off as truth in the world. Our problem is Joe Biden’s lies and the lies of his enablers get people murdered. But the rot of the left, it doesn’t just live in official Washington, it infects our state governments, our local governments, our major corporations and inside our schools and in communities all across the country. It also affects immigration… So why are the Democrats so incapable of living in reality and recognizing that everything they’re doing is a complete and utter failure?

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Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue That Was Attacked; Synagogue Says That’s False

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President Biden claimed on Thursday that he visited the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, which was the site of a terrorist attack that killed 11 people in 2018.

“I remember spending time at the, you know, uh, going to, uh, the, uh, you know, the Tree of Life synagogue, speaking with them,” Biden said during remarks with Jewish leaders, later seeming to note that he was specifically talking about the attacks in Pittsburgh, which is where the synagogue is located.

“Barb Feige, executive director of the Tree of Life, said that Biden did not visit the synagogue in the nearly three years since the anti-Semitic attack,” the New York Post reported. “In a phone interview, Feige, executive director since July 2019, said firmly that ‘no’ Biden didn’t visit, even before taking office when he had a lower public profile as a former vice president and then-Democratic presidential candidate.”

From Gateway Pundit

WPXI reports that it was President Trump, Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that actually visited the Synagogue shortly after the shooting, not sleepy Joe.

WPXI: President Joe Biden said during a virtual event with leaders in the Jewish community Thursday that he visited the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill following the murder of 11 people during a service in 2018. Synagogue officials responded that he has never visited.

Former Trump Advisor, Boris Epshteyn shared the clip in a Tweet.

We must not expect senile Joe to change as his mind will continue to fade leaving him more prone to mixing up the truth with his imagination.

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