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Biden Brings Beau’s Death Into His Remarks About Israeli Family Members Slaughtered By Hamas

Until Tuesday’s remarks, President Biden had not seen publicly for two days after making a speech lasting just three minutes, as Americans Were Confirmed Dead In Israel.

On Tuesday the President of The United States once again publicly embarrassed a significant percentage of citizens in our Constitutional Republic.

In what should have been a controlled opportunity for him to deliver a handful of pre-scripted remarks about the Hamas terror attack against Israel over the weekend, encouraging Israelis who lost loved ones, Joe also took the opportunity to insert his feelings about his son Beau’s death from cancer.

Biden was scheduled to deliver remarks at 1 pm ET on Tuesday but as usual, the absent-minded declining Commander in Chief forced everyone to wait around for him to get ready for a public appearance, coming out at 2:30 instead.

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He eventually confirmed that 14 Americans in Israel had been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists.

Biden condemned Hamas in his remarks but did not mention Iran whom he recently gave $6 billion in exchange for hostages.

Many believe Hamas is Iran’s proxy army which was given the green light and resources for the attack from Tehran.

“Sadly for the Jewish people, it’s not new. This attack is brought to the surface painful memories & the scars left by a millennia of anti-Semitism and genocide of the Jewish people…We must be crystal clear. We stand with Israel…and we will make sure it has what it needs to take care of its citizens and defend itself,” Biden said.

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“Today Americans across the country are praying for all those families who have been ripped apart. A lot of us know how it feels. It leaves a black hole in your chest when you lose family, feeling like you’re being sucked in. The anger. The pain. The sense of hopelessness,” Biden said.

“This is what they mean by human tragedy,” he added.

Yes, Biden selfishly inserted his feelings about his cancer-stricken son who died in a hospital surrounded by family in 2015 to hundreds of Israeli men, women, and children who were just ambushed and butchered by evil Hamas terrorists.

But Joe the narcissist just can’t help himself.

It’s always all about him, all the time.

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