Biden Admin Failing To Comply With House Classified Doc Probe

In what has to be the worse possible timing for the Biden administration, as the new GOP House majority launches their investigation into the Biden crime family activities, multiple classified and top secret documents have been located in 4 different locations controlled by President Joe Biden.

As required, the House Oversight Committee is now looking into Biden’s mishandling of these top-secret documents.

But, after promising in a letter on February 4, 2021, to provide the “highest standards of transparency” in United States history, Biden’s team is refusing to comply with the latest request for the documents.

“In a democracy, the public deserves as much transparency as possible regarding the work of our national security institutions, consistent with legitimate needs to protect sources and methods and sensitive foreign relationships,” Biden’s letter stated.

“The revitalization of our national security and foreign policy workforce requires a recommitment to the highest standards of transparency,” the president wrote.

Well America, Joe is once again not keeping this promise.

On Wednesday, Rep. James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, requested the National Archives disclose “all documents and communications between or among the White House and the Department of Justice or NARA [National Archives and Records Administration] regarding the documents retrieved from President Biden’s personal office at the Penn Biden Center.”

The National Archives has apparently not complied.

Comer told Fox News on Saturday the National Archives is stonewalling the Oversight Committee’s investigation.

“I have jurisdiction over the national archives. This agency is supposed to do a briefing anytime something like this happens. They have not,” Comer said. “Not only have they not given us a briefing, even though we’ve requested one, they have not answered any of our simple requests for information.”

As part of the administration’s colluded defense, the White House is trying to deflect blame.

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But Former Department of Justice prosecutor Andrew McCarthy argued Thursday that Biden has already admitted guilt. Biden has claimed no knowledge of the violation.

“That’s not a defense to a charge of mishandling classified information,” McCarthy stated. It is tantamount to an admission of guilt.”

“For conviction, federal law requires prosecutors to establish that the defendant was grossly negligent. There is no need to prove that an accused was trying to harm the United States; just that he was trusted with classified information and carelessly flouted the standards for safeguarding it,” McCarthy said.


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