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Build That Wall! AZ Governor Doug Ducey Signs Law Funding Border Wall

Once again the good people in Arizona are taking steps to try to secure their state’s section of the U.S./Mexico border.

On Thursday afternoon, AZ Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed a bill into law that sends hundreds of millions of dollars to build a border wall.

The state’s efforts are crucial in light of President Joe Biden’s open borders policies incentivizing a record number of illegal aliens and “migrants”, from over 150 nations, to cross into states like Arizona.

This funding will help The Grand Canyon State complete what former President Donald J. Trump was having constructed, but was stopped by the Biden administration, even though fully funded.

The legislation directs $335 million in state cash “to construct and maintain a border fence, purchase or install border security technologies, and to pay associated administrative costs,” the governor’s office said.

“The state budget’s border funding contains $209 million in funding for border-related enforcement,” the Associated Press reported.

“That includes a new jail in Cochise County and payments for local prosecutors and transportation. It also has $45 million for emergency operations and ‘fusion’ centers and $54 million in cash for local sheriff’s offices,” the AP added.

Ducey blamed Biden for “the worst border crisis in over 20 years,” in remarks that he made Thursday.

“I’ve been outspoken about the impact this crisis has on Arizonans, our communities, and migrants,” Ducey said in a letter. “We’ve taken numerous steps to help resolve the chaos, including deploying the Arizona National Guard, signing legislation to address human smuggling, and transporting migrants on a voluntary basis to Washington, D.C. Ultimately, however, securing our border is the responsibility of the federal government.”

“With this investment, we are giving our law enforcement professionals another critical resource they need to successfully do their jobs. We are standing up for the rule of law, and we are cementing Arizona’s commitment to securing our state and our entire nation.”

An estimated 3+ million unvetted individuals have entered the United States. Included in their ranks are the human traffickers & smugglers, drug runners, Cartel gang members, and those on the international terrorist watch lists, etc.

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Human trafficking is so prevalent that AZ & NM that they posted large signs throughout asking those driving through to be on the lookout for those who appear to be fleeing their captors and a few lines of instructions for those who need help.

The fact that President Joe Biden is promoting the inflow of millions of illegal aliens, in violation of federal immigration laws, is by itself a reasonable justification for his impeachment from the Oval Office.

No one who loves America would leave our nation’s borders wide open, exposing countless U.S. citizens to physical, financial, and/or emotional harm.

Come on America, get out and vote conservative in November.

A newly elected GOP-controlled Congress, taking over in January, will be crucial for slowing down Biden’s plans..


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