American Mother Praises CCP, As ‘Co-Parent’, After Raising Her Children in China

For the first 200 years, the liberties and freedoms enjoyed by Americans were universally considered to be the greatest benefit of being a citizen of the United States of America.

The US Constitutional rights for citizens to freely move around the nation, prevent illegal searches by the government, guarantee free speech, the right to religious worship, to own a gun, etc, have been a hallmark of American history.

But as globalism encroached into the halls of higher education, in government and corporate America over the past 50+ years, an increasing number of citizens are voting for and demanding policies that resemble what is found in China, under the CCP.

Yes, they want the US to be more like China which rolled out its plan “to urge” its citizens to do more good and be more trustworthy – the Social Credit System. It’s kind of like the American credit score, except it tracks far more than financial transactions. It tracks good — and bad — deeds.

An American mother who raised her two daughters in China praised the Chinese Communist Party for acting as a “co-parent” and shared the “benefits” of “heavy censorship” and “tight control” in a Wednesday guest essay in the New York Times.

Heather Kaye, a New York fashion designer, moved to Shanghai in 2006 with her husband, where the two raised their daughters for 16 years.

After China’s strict COVID lockdown measures prevented Kaye from seeing her parents for three years, she decided to move her family back to America.

In her New York Times guest essay, Kaye wrote that she missed her life in Shanghai, despite the government’s overbearing control.

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“We’ve returned to a divided America where many feel government has no place in our lives,” Kaye stated. “In these times, I find myself missing my Chinese co-parent.”

According to Kaye, there are many benefits to raising a family in Communist China, even though she and her husband “sometimes felt as if our children were on loan to us.”

She siad her daughters’ school “lectured us on everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat, and their optimal weight.”

But, “over time, the benefits kicked in,” Kaye explained. Her daughters were taught “self-discipline, integrity, and respect for elders” and instilled with a “solid work ethic.”

Her children “would repeat propaganda” but that their “less demanding American family culture helped keep the balance.”

Kaye argued that the CCP’s “heavy censorship” and “tight control” even allowed for a safer environment for her children. Her daughters could safely browse the internet and take the subway alone because of “constant but benign (and mostly unarmed) police presence.”

“Raising kids in China was a plus in other ways — such as the heavy censorship, which results in a kid-friendly internet, and national limits on how many hours young people can spend playing online video games,” Kaye wrote.

“Ironically, the tight control of the Communist Party surveillance state results in its own kind of freedom: With crime and personal safety concerns virtually eliminated, our daughters were riding the subway unsupervised in a city of around 26 million people from the age of 11,” Kaye added.

Kaye concluded that she hoped the American government would learn from China.

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“As an American parent in China, I learned to appreciate the strong sense of shared values and of people connected as a nation,” Kaye stated. “There’s never been a more crucial time for us to learn from one another and build new bridges across the street, nation and world. Attention to the common good is a fundamental value I seek in an American government co-parent.”


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