Airline Passenger ‘WEDGED’ between ‘OBESE people’, Asks For ‘Reparations’

In today’s U.S. “Woke” culture, fat shaming is strongly unacceptable even leading some in the medical industry to reverse course by announcing that obesity is no longer a health issue.

The problem with more and more Americans becoming obese is the stigma attached to their large size, along with a new expectation that health(ier) people should tolerate their infringement into their personal spaces, is causing issues, especially with airplane seating, etc.

According to several industry experts when asked; How do I know if I need a second seat on a plane?

Their standard stand answer is: The armrest is the definitive gauge for a Customer of size. It serves as the boundary between seats. If you’re unable to lower both armrests and/or encroach upon any portion of a seat next to you, you need a second seat.

Sydney Watson, who describes herself as an Australian/American political commentator, posted to Twitter on Monday stating that she was “literally – WEDGED between two OBESE people on my flight.”

“This is absolutely NOT acceptable or okay. If fat people want to be fat, fine. But it is something else entirely when I’m stuck between you, with your arm rolls on my body, for 3 hours,” Watson said.

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In the tweet thread, Watson said that “If you need a seat belt extender, you are TOO FAT TO BE ON A PLANE.”

“Buy two seats or don’t fly,” Watson added.

Watson said that the flight attendant on the plane “has asked me 4 times if I need anything” and gave her “the ‘this is f–ked’ pity expression.”

According to Watson, she asked a brother of one of the women she was sitting next to if he’d like to “swap seats.”

“He says, ‘no. That’s okay :)’ …and then I started shrieking internally,” Watson said.

“I don’t care if this is mean. My entire body is currently being touched against my wishes. I can’t even put the armrests down on either side because there’s no f-ing room. I’m sick of acting like fatness to this extent is normal. Let me assure you, it is not” she said.

After calling out American Airlines, the company responded, tweeting: “Our passengers come in all different sizes and shapes. We’re sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight.”

“Holy s–t,” Watson said of American Airlines response to her experience.

“This is really their official reply to me being sandwiched between two obese humans,” Watson said. “So, I’m expected to have only a quarter of a seat when I fly? I just experienced getting sweat on, touched without my consent, smacked in the face, and subjected to hours of no personal space. And your response is essentially ‘too bad’? Is that what I’m getting here?” Watson said.

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At one point during the flight, Watson said that she “elected to close my tray table and hold my cup of tea between my teeth because it’s jabbing her belly and I can’t get it down properly.”

Responding to media coverage of her experience, Watson said that she stands behind “everything I said” and tweeted “I’d like some reparations pls.”


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