Adam Shifty Schiff Mocks Musk, Elon Calls Him Out!

United States Congressman Adam Schiff( D-CA) is a perpetual liar with a strange public demeanor, especially in his facial expressions.

Schiff loves attention and appeared on hundreds of television interviews during former President Trump’s four years in office.

During them, the emotional and unstable “snowflake” from California peddled a handful of blatant lies, over and over again.

Most of them tried to advance the fake news, Russia hoax narrative.

For examples:

  • Schiff claimed that Congress had not only uncovered a criminal conspiracy by the president’s 2016 campaign but also that he himself was in personal possession of a “smoking gun.” But after endless opportunities to provide the proof, Schiff never shared any corroboration with the public.
  • When The View’s former co-host Meghan McCain asked him about it, Schiff declared that the confirmation had been in “plain sight” the whole time, which was the opposite of his claim that he had uncovered a seditious and clandestine conspiracy.


On Tuesday, lying Shifty Schiff chose to virtue signal again, this time lashing out at Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk.

Musk the wealthiest person on Earth, the CEO of Tesla and Space X, has been surprisingly visible on Twitter, making decisions drawing the ire of rabid radicals.

Schiff, without providing any evidence whatsoever, claimed that slurs against blacks, Jews, women, and gay men have increased since Musk took over Twitter.

A long with other leftists, Schiff is angry that Democrats no longer control the narrative on Twitter.

Elon Musk responded to Schiff, publically calling him out by using facts to dispute the politicians’ criticisms.

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“False, hate speech impressions are actually down by 1/3 for Twitter now vs prior acquisition,” Musk said.

Unlike his appearances on leftist media outlets where he goes unchallenged, on Twitter Schiff was fact-checked following Musk calling the liar out, for lying.

Narcissist Schiff could not let anyone but him have the last word so he attacked Elon Musk again.

This time Schiff claimed, again, without offering up any evidence, that QAnon is attacking him on Twitter.

Another embarrassing episode by Schiff but since he apparently doesn’t have a conscience, he will do it again.


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