Thanks Biden! 30+ California Children Remain Stranded in Afghanistan

Several months ago families in California decided to let their children visit family in Afghanistan then return to complete their studies.

Why not, the terrorists in the former Taliban-run nation, a safe haven for Osama Bin Laden, have been out of power for almost 20 years. The culture had set aside Sharia law which diminishes the value of women and children, to a form of democracy in which women were Judges and girls were graduating from college.

Under President Trump, the major metro areas of the nation were stable with a fully equipped Afghani army ready to fight for their nation’s government.

The problem for the families and students I opened the story with is Joe Biden was seated as the 46th President on June 20th, 2021.

It was his responsibility to execute the full withdrawal of American troops, handing the full control and reasonability over the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani.

To the shock of Biden’s staff members and most of the world, the Taliban overthrew the Ghani government in only 11 days. President Biden ordered a hasty, chaotic, and deadly withdrawal anyway, leaving hundreds of Americans stranded there on August 31. Ironically, Biden had promised — repeatedly — to leave “no one behind” there, or anywhere.


The result, thousands of Americans were left behind including the more than  30 California children, days after President Joe Biden evacuated U.S. forces from the country while abandoning billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban terrorists.

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Via Breitbart

According to California school board officials in three districts, which confirmed the U.S. legal status of the children to the Associated Press (AP), 30 children “have been forgotten by the U.S. government.”

The AP reported the children to remain stranded due to Biden pulling U.S. forces from the country before the children could make their way through the Taliban terrorists’ checkpoints en route to the extraction point at the airport.

San Juan Union School District in Sacramento identified “27 students from 19 families” that remain stranded. Another school district inside Sacramento told the AP they had three trapped children in hiding.

In spite of their cries for help, the left has publicly moved on from Afghanistan.

The Biden administration has left the responsibility of helping those who were victims of Biden’s heartless decisions, to NGOs, Non-Governmental Agencies.

Pray for all of them, and shame of Jobe Biden, “President” of The Unites States.

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