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2021 Election Fraud Alert – VA Dems Ask Governor to Waive Absentee Ballot Witness Signature Requirements – Citing COVID Dangers

America knows election fraud took place in the 2020 elections.

Since Democrats can’t win competitive elections without cheating, liberals were able to supersede state election laws through court orders.

Leftist judges accepted their arguments that COVID made it too dangerous for voters to vote in person or even copy their IDs to mail in with their ballot.

The result, massive mail-in voter fraud throughout the country.

The progressives are at it again in 2021.

This time the November VA gubernatorial race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin is causing them to look for help from the state capital.

With the polls showing a virtual tie between the candidates, McAuliffe sounded an alarm earlier this week, during a zoom call, that President Biden is a liability for his campaign. “We gotta get Democrats out to vote. We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington as you know. The president is unpopular today unfortunately here in Virginia, so we have got to follow through.”

Needing some extra illegal votes, Virginia Democrats are asking Governor Ralph Northam to waive the state legislature passed, absentee ballot witness signature requirements, ahead of the Tuesday, November 2nd election date. The reason for their request, oh yes, COVID.

Even with over 70 percent of the state already vaccinated, the democratic establishment still hopes to get another steal through with COVID as the catalysts again this time. reported:

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is asking Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement for absentee ballots cast by mail in this fall’s election.

The board voted 9-1 for the proposal by Chair Jeffrey McKay to send a letter to Northam, with Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity, the board’s only Republican, casting the only vote against the motion.

McKay said that waiving the witness signature requirement – as was done during the 2020 election – is necessary due to the continued threat of COVID-19. He said several Fairfax residents had shared concerns with him about obtaining witness signatures – arguing they could be exposed to COVID-19 in the process.

“No one should have their ballot rejected because they’re unwilling to risk their health and safety to vote,” McKay said during the meeting. “We want to be a county that promotes voter participation and doesn’t punish people.”

Herrity said that waiving the requirement would be a “blow to election integrity.”

“Witness signatures are important as they provide another line of defense against voter fraud,” he added. “They’ve been deemed important enough by the General Assembly that they were reestablished outside the state of emergency.”

This election could be an indicator of how successful the left will be using COVID to bypass state laws moving forward.

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If they left are successful in VA, the GOP might be shocked by not taking back the U.S. House in 2022 because of election fraud once again, and most of it through the mail.

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