1984 In New Zealand – Radical Prime Minister Confirms She Wants To Create Two Classes of Citizens Based On Vaccine Status

In the midst of the intentionally manifested chaos, is the rapid growth and boldness of the government’s intrusion into their citizens’ lives and request for help from a compliant citizenry.

Just today I heard a commercial on IHeart radio for the FBI. In it, they gave the ever-increasing list of groups who are now “protected” under the “hate speech” laws and asked us, the listeners, to report anyone we believe has mistreated anyone in these groups.  Yes, the FBI is running commercials asking Americans to report their neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. to them initiating a federal investigation.

This reminds me of many dystopian books and movies warning the world of what might be coming and of course of fascist dictators who also used those loyal to the state’s wishes to turn on their nation’s citizens for them.

A prime example was Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler.

Hilter relied on two criminal organizations to realize his diabolical goals. Brownshirts of the S.A. Stormtroopers helped him attain power via strong-arm street politics. Then the Blackshirts of the highly-feared S.S.

Written June 8, 1949 – Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian social science fiction novel and cautionary tale written by English writer George Orwell.

Without the protections of a Constitution like the U.S., nations with progressive leaders like England, Australia, and New Zealand, to name a few, have gone nuts.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted she wants to create two classes of citizens based on Chinese coronavirus vaccination status.

During an interview with the NZ Herald on Friday, a reporter asked Ardern if her goal is to create two classes of citizens with New Zealand’s “traffic light” system, which Ardern unveiled Friday morning.

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“So you’ve basically said, you probably don’t see it like this, but two different classes of people — if you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated. You have all these rights if you are vaccinated —” NZ Heralds deputy political editor Derek Cheng asked Ardern.

“That is what it is, yep,” Ardern replied.

Under New Zealand’s new “traffic light” system, the government said it will end lockdowns when 90 percent of the eligible population is vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus. Vaccine certificates are expected to be widely used under the new system as well.

“With vaccine certificates at red, orange, and green business will be able to continue to open and operate,” Ardern said, according to Newshub.

The Prime Minister made it clear on Friday those who aren’t vaccinated will miss out.

“If you want summer, if you want to go to bars and restaurants get vaccinated, if you want to get a hair cut – get vaccinated.”

“If you are not vaccinated there will be everyday things you will miss out on,” Ardern added.

For the vaccinated though, Ardern says you will be able to enjoy life while being protected from COVID-19.

Breibart is reporting.

If certificates have been implemented at marae, places of worship, events, gyms and hospitality venues, “they will be able to operate without limits or restrictions under green or orange. There will be some restrictions under red,” the report states. Venues that opt out of the certificates will be subject to “heavy restrictions.”

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The report continued:

  • Hospitality — up to 100 people, based on 1m physical distancing, seated and separated
  • Gatherings (for example weddings, places of worship, marae) — up to 100 people, based on 1m physical distancing
  • Events (indoor/outdoor) — up to 100 people, based on 1m physical distancing, seated and separated
  • Close contact businesses — face coverings for staff, 1m distancing between customers
  • Gyms — up to 100 people, based on 1m physical distancing

Under orange level, these restrictions will be

  • Hospitality — contactless only
  • Gatherings (for example weddings, places of worship, marae) — up to 50 people, based on 1m distancing
  • Events (indoor/outdoor), gyms and close contact businesses will not be able to operate at all

Ardern told the Herald the use of vaccine certificates is designed to make vaccinated people feel safe, even though vaccinated people are reportedly protected against severe illness.

With the intrusions into our lives in the U.S. increasing, I feel like those of us who love America are the final country on Risk board fighting the other players who decided to join forces in order to ake down the last remaining patriots who love liberty.

The dark side is they have already deiced how they would distribute the global assets after removing the last barrier in their march towards globalization.

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