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‘You’re finished’: Mike Rogers’ Stern Warning to Republican Rebel Matt Gaetz When He Furiously Lunged at Him

U.S. Republican Mike Rogers told Republican Matt Gaetz he is ‘finished’ when he furiously lunged at him as Congress descended into pandemonium during the 14th vote for the Speaker of the House.

A visibly angry Rogers, one of Kevin McCarthy’s top backers of the California congressman’s bid for speaker, had to be restrained by Rep. Richard Hudson, R.-N.C., after confronting the Republican congressman from Florida on Friday night.

Rogers lunged toward Gaetz after McCarthy finished chatting with Gaetz, who had withheld support for McCarthy’s bid.

He then told Gaetz he would be ‘finished’ for continuing to wreck the speaker’s vote, according to CNN. He was also heard saying ‘I won’t forget this!’ reported Fox News.

Hudson talked about the moment he had to keep back Rogers from Gaetz on the House floor as ‘very tense’, saying that he was ‘just trying to play a role and keep the tensions down,’ the Hill reported.

McCarthy’s opening speech set off an uproar when he was finally sworn in as Speaker of the House following four days of discord and a near-punch up in Congress.

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‘That was easy, huh?’ McCarthy began in his victory speech – shortly after Rogers had to be restrained from attacking Gaetz.

The two Republicans almost came to blows over Gaetz’s refusal to back McCarthy during the 14th vote, costing him that contest, with the violent conflict coming as spirits wearied over the immense voting process.

He glanced over at Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, whose party was united behind him during the race for speaker.

‘Hakeem, I gotta warn ya, two years ago I got 100 percent of the vote from my conference,’ McCarthy continued in a bid to act as peacemaker. 

‘Leader Jeffries there will be times we agree. And many times we will differ. I promise our debates will be passionate but they will never be personal,’ McCarthy said.

‘Now, the hard work begins.’ 

‘We’re going to pass bills to fix the nation’s challenges from wide open southern borders,  to American last energy policies to woke indoctrination in our schools,’ he added. ‘We will use the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena to get the job done.’ 

The new Speaker added: ‘We will also address America’s long-term challenges: the debt and the Chinese Communist Party. Congress must speak with one voice on both of these issues.’

He said one of the House’s ‘very first hearings’ would be on the U.S.-Mexico border and the first bill it brought forward would be to ‘repeal funding for 87,000 new IRS agents.’


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