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WOW! Small Michigan Town Ousts Its ENTIRE GOVERNMENT and Changes the Town Hall Locks Over Its Support for a Chinese-Owned Electric Battery Plant

While Tuesday’s elections results were an epic catastrophe overall for the GOP, a little place in rural Michigan showed that there is still hope for We the People.

The Blaze reported Wednesday that Green Charter Township, a town with roughly 3,200 people located in central Michigan, voted out their entire township board (which governs the city) after they ignored their concerns and cut a dirty deal with a company named Gotion Inc. Then they put a little icing on the cake afterward when they changed the townhall locks just hours after the vote.

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Gotion is a corporation which makes batteries for electric vehicles. While the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, its parent company is based in the People’s Republic of China and has ties to the CCP.

As the Blaze notes, all seven members cut a $2 billion deal with Gotion back in December 2020 allegedly over the prospect of jobs. But ordinary people soon caught wind over the potential for communist infiltration and the horrific impacts the massive plant would have on the environment.

Back in April, residents angrily confronted the quislings for selling them out to our greatest foreign adversary.

“China is our number-one enemy!” one angry resident yelled.

“My family members fought communism, and you’re bringing it right here!” screamed another.

NewsNation uncovered documents proving that the residents had every right to be alarmed. These require Gotion to “set up a party organization and carry out party activities in accordance with the constitution of the Communist Party of China” and “ensure necessary conditions for carrying out party activities.”


Moreover, the plant posed a severe threat to endangered species and drinking water. The Economic Development and Responsibility Alliance of Michigan points out the plant was slated to be built atop what is currently a pristine wetlands site. It hosts many rare species including blue heron, bald eagles, several species of bats, and possibly even the Karner blue butterfly.

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The nonprofit also notes that this wetlands site, which helps to regulate local aquifers, runs through a creek less than half a mile long into the Muskegon River, a prominent Lake Michigan waterway.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Gotion even tried to seize 260 acres of farmland in the town. But they backed off thanks to the efforts of brave single mother Lori Brock, who owns approximately 150 acres, where she raises a variety of animals, next door to several pieces of property purchased with Michigan taxpayer dollars where the battery factory would be located.

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Green Charter residents next decided only a November recall of the entire board could stop this treason and were able to gather enough signatures over the course of several months to do so. The board otherwise would have been secure until November 2024 and the plant may have been in place by that time.

Two board members, James Peek and Gary Todd, decided to resign rather face the voters’ wrath. Then on Tuesday, more than 1,000 Green Charter residents stormed to the polls to oust the other five sellouts: Trustees Dale Jernstadt and Roger Carroll, Clerk Janet Clark, Treasurer Denise MacFarlane, and Supervisor James Chapman.

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Each challenger won by at least six points.

Jason Kruse defeated Chapman with 60% of the vote while Jeff Thorne knocked off Jernstadt with 62%. Kelly Cushway won 57% of the vote against Carroll.

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Corri Riebow beat Clark for the clerk position with 53% and Robert Henderson also received 53% to beat MacFarlane for the treasurer spot.

The Daily Mail notes that the five incumbents are members of the Republican Party while their replacements ran without any party affiliation.

Even more impressive, some of the winning candidates had no absolutely experience in politics before running.

Just hours after the successful recall, NewsNation’s Brian Entin captured footage of the town’s new leaders changing the locks on the township’s main government building. Talk about sending a powerful message to the people that change is on the way.

Gotion sent a canned, whiny response to NewsNation slamming “political posturing” after their chosen candidates got trounced.

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