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Would-Be African Migrants Admit They Think They’re Entitled to Rape Women

Two separate clips featuring African men who are would-be migrants to the west admitting that they think they are entitled to rape women have gone viral on X.

In the first clip, which appears to be taken from the UK television show Ross Kemp on Gangs, two African men appear unable to even grasp the concept of rape trauma.

“It’s like they wanted to be raped, you see,” one of the men tells Kemp.

“It’s like she’s enjoying it, even though she isn’t, but it’s like she’s enjoying it” says another man.

The man then acknowledges that it’s “wrong” to rape a woman, but when asked about the “consequences of how that effects the person that’s raped,” he can only consider the consequences for himself.

“She might scream, people might wake up,” he says.

When Kemp tries to get them to address the emotional and physical trauma of the rape victim, the man can only come back with, “Sometimes we know we might rape her and wake up tomorrow with viruses ourselves like HIV.”

Kemp asks them if they might regret what they’ve done the the victim, but the other man only appears to care about the girl getting pregnant and them having to father a baby.

“But what about her personal feelings?” asks Kemp, a question which is met with silence.

Another clip shows an even more brazen African man admitting that he raped a woman.

Asked what was going on in his mind, the man responded, “Just give me the sex and I will be satisfied, even (if) you don’t, I will make a plan to kill you.”

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He is then asked about how he feels about infecting the rape victim with HIV, to which he responds, “I’m powerful, powerful guy.”

“I know I am HIV, so I want to spread that HIV,” he adds, noting that he will “make a plan to get you” if the woman has curves.

Many respondents pointed out that these kind of men were precisely who the west is importing thanks to mass migration and “refugee” resettlement programs.

New statistics just released in Germany, which has taken in well over a million “refugees” since 2015, show that there were more than 8,590 reported cases of rape by immigrants in Germany, with the vast majority of victims being women with German citizenship.

Last month, it was revealed that all but one of the eight migrants who gang raped a 15-year-old girl in Hamburg avoided prison time.

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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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