Woke Women Are Now Flaunting Their Bikini Hair In A Revolt Against Body Shaming Trolls

Gone are the days of burning bras, as a new movement has taken its place on social media.

Women are fighting back against society’s beauty standards by flaunting their untamed bushes as part of a viral trend.

Various TikTok users have shared videos of themselves in bikinis, with their body hair running wild.

In one video, an influencer shared side-by-side snaps of her with and without pubic hair.

“Don’t allow anyone to shame you into doing something with your body hair that you aren’t comfortable doing,” she said.

(Image: Sara Puhto / Instagram)

But cruel trolls have flooded the comments saying women need to shave.

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And psychologist Carly Dobers explained that the sight of a woman’s pubic hair has become so taboo that if it’s not hidden it can be seen as a “radical act”.

Speaking to about the trend, she said: “The cultural messaging has been ‘women should not have pubic hair.’ It is a normal, healthy part of the human body.

“Pubic hair maintenance has historically been recommended by beauty outlets with keeping a sexual partner interested in mind or mimicking the look of mainstream pornographic actors.”

Sexual wellness expert Rosie Rees is also trying to normalise the issue as she wants more people to view it as “sexy.”

Rosie Rees described it as “growing her winter coat” on Instagram (Image: Instagram)

She explained: “I’ve recently shared on my Instagram that I’m growing my pubic hair ‘winter coat’ – in the hope that more women and men see it sexy, normal, and healthy.

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“The hair removal industry has instigated and normalised women being hair-free since the 80s, conditioning us to believe that having pubic hair or hairy underarms insinuates that ‘you’ve let yourself go’, you’re inherently ‘dirty’ or ‘hippy’ or you’re distinctly unfeminine and deemed unattractive to men.

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“It’s important that we choose what makes us comfortable from an empowered place rather than unconsciously shaving off our pubes simply because society, the beauty industry or our partner expects or requests of us.”


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