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Witch Hunt: Fulton County DA Is Bringing Case Against Trump To Grand Jury Next Week

The Atlanta-area district attorney investigating former President Donald Trump and his allies have been lining up witnesses to appear before a grand jury in design to form a record around how Trump and his supporters attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the Peach State, according to people acquainted with the matter.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is anticipated to spend two days presenting her case before a grand jury next week.

Willis could pursue several indictments as she eyes an expansive racketeering case that could hook Trump and several of his associates as managing as a criminal venture in their ambitions to upend Georgia’s election results.

If Willis proceeds with racketeering charges, “I think she is going to tell a story,” said Georgia State law professor Clark D. Cunningham. “The story of how one person at the top – the former president – really marshaled an army of people to accomplish his goal which was to stay in power through any means.”

Reporter: “Is there any chance you take a plea deal in Georgia?”

Trump: “We did nothing wrong. We don’t ever take a plea deal. We don’t take plea deals. It’s a wise guy question.”

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The witnesses Willis has subpoenaed include former Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, former Georgia Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan and independent journalist George Chidi. All of them formerly testified before a special purpose grand jury that was burdened with investigating the Trump case and heard from more than 75 witnesses.

But Georgia law is unusual in that special purpose grand juries – which have broad investigative powers – are not permitted to issue indictments. When the subpoenaed witnesses appear before the regular grand jury, those grand jurors will hear the witnesses’ testimony for the first time with a narrower purpose at hand: to approve or reject indictments.

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The witnesses that have been summoned to testify speak to various prongs of Willis’ investigation, from conspiracy-laden presentations that Trump’s associates – including former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani – made before Georgia lawmakers in 2020, to the convening of fake electors to try to thwart President Joe Biden’s victory in the state. She can also rely on her internal investigators to present evidence that was previously collected by the special purpose grand jury.

In a case of this magnitude, “probably the indictment has been drafted and reviewed for months,” Michael J. Moore, former US attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, told CNN.

If there’s anything left to be done, Moore said it was likely final tweaks and finishing touches.

“The indictment, word-for-word, is going to be flyspecked. You’re making sure there are no errors in it,” Moore said. “And you’re making sure you have enough pieces to prove each count.”

Willis’ office declined to comment.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Trump complained about the cases stacking up against him, adding, “I probably have another one.”

He also railed against the Fulton County district attorney’s case.

“I challenge the election in Georgia – which I have every right to do, which I was right about frankly – and they want to indict me because I challenge the election,” Trump told the crowd, even though his efforts to challenge the election results in court failed and no evidence of widespread voter fraud has ever emerged.

Still, the largest  risk Willis runs at the moment could be in public perception if she proceeds ahead with a Trump indictment, said Moore, the former US attorney.

“It starts to look like she’s just piling on because the same things that are in her indictment are also in the federal indictment,” Moore predicted, though he has not been privy to drafts of Willis’ potential indictments. “I’m not sure she’s got anything new to talk about.”

At an event last week at Atlanta Technical College, Willis told reporters she had reviewed the special counsel’s federal indictment against Trump for election interference but said it would not affect her plans in Georgia.

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Asked what she would say to critics who question the purpose of her case in the wake of the federal indictment, Willis said, “That I took an oath. And that oath requires that I follow the law. And if someone broke the law in Fulton County, Georgia, that I have a duty to prosecute and that’s exactly what I plan to do.”


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