Will Paul Pelosi’s Body Cam Footage Finally Be Revealed Today?

It’s probable that prosecuters may finally reveal body cam footage from Paul Pelosi’s home on the night of the much talked about hammer attack in his San Francisco home.

Pelosi’s attacker, David Depape, will have his first appearance in a California court room today following his arrest on suspicion of breaking into the Pelosi home and attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, 82.

There is still much mystery and intrigue following the event and Depape’s family insists that he is not a violent nor evil person.

Many unfounded conspiracy theories have developed, however, among them is found one that seems to be credible. The suspicion over why NBC News decided to retract a news report that was discovered as accurate in describing some of the details of the night in question.

The report which was made by Miguel Almaguer was accurate in detailing the fact that police were already at the Pelosi residence when Pelosi was struck with a hammer by Depape. It also described how Pelosi did not verbally call for help or even seem panicked when police arrived on the scene.

These two details have been confirmed in a court filing by San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

The filing also states that Pelosi was attempting to remain calm during the encounter. He did not communicate clearly about the break in to his home or as to whether he felt that he was in danger.

Pelosi, who was asleep in the couple’s bedroom upstairs, awoke to Depape standing over him with a hammer.

Depape then stated to Pelosi that he was there to kidnap his wife, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

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In an effort to stay calm, Paul Pelosi then dialed 911 from the bathroom. At that time he made no effort to communicate that he felt in danger or that someone had broken into his home. When the police arrived, he neither yelled or screamed.

NBC’s account aired a less detailed version of that night. Miguel Almaguer was suspended and taken off air pending an investigation.

He has now resurfaced, but is no longer covering any scandals. Instead, he was seen this week reporting on weather.

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