Warner Music signs AI-generated singer with endorsement deals with Dior, Versace, and Kim Kardashian

An artificial intelligence-generated avatar released its first song under a major record label after several years of industry-backed endorsements garnered the pretend person a major following.

Noonoouri, reportedly created by Joerg Zuber in 2011, released the song “Dominoes” with 38-year-old German DJ Alle Farben. The video garnered over 160,000 views on YouTube in two weeks, Breitbart reported.

The songwriters for the track will split the royalties and publishing rights just like any other song.

With over 400,000 Instagram followers, Noonoouri is a rather cartoonish character but is often portrayed in bikinis and expensive fashion to emulate an online influencer, which has attracted serious attention from notable brands.

In a 2018 article in Vogue Australia, the character’s creator spoke of Dior and Versace sponsorships, as well as that of Kim Kardashian. Breitbart noted that the avatar was wearing Kardashian’s shapewear brand in the latest music video.

Zuber told vogue that his dream was for the avatar “to become a big and relevant account.” He added that he designed her to be “innovative, entertaining and very personal and honest,” with an altruistic side.

“She is a fantasy, stepping into our world to show us things like we maybe have never seen them before,” Zuber added.

Zuber released Noonoouri in 2018 as an 18-year-girl from Munich, Germany. Website Virtual Humans stated that the character is vegan and “advocates for sustainable fashion, and refuses to wear furs while making countless cameos with fashion brands all around the world.”

Zuber gave an interview with Vogue Australia as the character, where he gave strange answers while attempting to sound like a young, female influencer.

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“OMG… that was a breathtaking moment,” Zuber replied to one question. “The final decision I make by myself without any influence. I listen to my heart and soul,” he also said regarding how fans influence his posts.

The artist even described a make-believe scenario where he “gets in touch with the designers to secure” specific garments for the character.

“When I have an event, the big surprise is the next day to see what I was wearing.”


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