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Vegan Restaurant Starts Serving Meat In Order To Stay Open

A vegan restaurant has been forced to introduce meat options to its menu after struggling to attract customers.

The owner of Nomas Gastrobar said he had been forced to make the change amid a battle stave off closure.

Adonis Norouznia, owner of the Macclesfield-based restaurant, said: “We have better prices and better quality, so you have to ask the question why don’t we have customers?

“We have to see the reality of the situation. It’s because of the vegan factor. Most people are not vegan.”

Mr Norouznia said customers had refused to pay for full English breakfasts after failing to spot that bacon and sausages were plant-based, while others were walking straight out after reading its menus.

Nomas Gastrobar will now be adding pork sausages, bacon and eggs to menus, as well as serving pork and chicken gyros and beef burgers. The change is expected to come into force in the coming weeks.

It comes after The Mango Tree in Taunton, Somerset, also added meat to its vegan restaurant menu in 2022 after being hit by the cost of living crisis.

The changes are the latest sign that Britain’s veganism boom is losing steam, with sales of dairy products and red meat surging in the run-up to Christmas.

Shoppers spent more than £593m on dairy products in the period, up 2pc on the prior year, while they bought 11pc less in plant-based dairy alternatives.

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Separately, industry research suggested January had failed to provide its typical uplift in demand for vegan options.

In recent years, the segment has been boosted by customers deciding to ditch meat for the month and take part in “Veganuary”.

According to Kantar, sales of own-label plant food was up just 8pc in January compared to December.

Kantar’s Fraser McKevitt said: “We’re not seeing as big a spike in health-related categories as we have done in previous years.”

The latest figures follow months of signs of waning appetite for vegan options, with Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons reportedly having slashed their vegan ranges by 10pc.

Industry figures suggest that sales of meat alternatives are down 13.6pc over the last year.


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