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U.S. Intelligence Officer Accused Of Selling Military Secrets To China

A U.S. Army intelligence analyst was arrested this week on allegations that he sold military secrets to China.

Korbein Schultz, a 24-year-old Army soldier stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky and Tennessee, was charged on Thursday with conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense information, exporting technical data related to defense articles without a license, conspiracy to export defense articles without a license, and bribery of a public official. Schultz is accused of sending critical military documents, including information on U.S. weapons systems, to an individual in Hong Kong in exchange for $42,000.

“Mr. Schultz, a member of the U.S. Army, stands accused of conspiring to obtain and provide national defense information to an individual overseas. As part of the conspiracy, the defendant provided sensitive government information to his coconspirator in exchange for thousands of dollars, placing personal profit above the security of the American people,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the Justice Department.

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Schultz appeared in federal court in Nashville on Friday and pled not guilty to the crimes he is charged with.

According to the indictment, Schultz’s illegal activity began in June 2022 and continued until his arrest. One of his most recent duties was listed as “Classified Document Custodian,” the indictment noted.

The individual Schultz allegedly worked with is a foreign national who lives in Hong Kong and works for a geopolitical consulting firm. Schultz is accused of sending that individual documents related to the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), information on hypersonic equipment, studies on the future development of U.S. military forces, studies on major countries like China, and summaries of military drills and operations.

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The DOJ also said that Schultz sent an Air Force Tactics Techniques and Procedures manual for the HH-60W helicopter, an Air Force Tactics Techniques and Procedures manual for the F22-A fighter aircraft, and an Air Force Tactics Techniques and Procedures manual for intercontinental ballistic missile to the individual in Hong Kong.

“The conduct alleged in today’s indictment represents a grave betrayal of the oath sworn to defend our country,” FBI National Security Official Larissa Knapp said. “Instead of safeguarding national defense information, the defendant conspired with a foreign national to sell it, potentially endangering our national security.”

Earlier this year, Navy Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao was sentenced to just over two years in prison after he pled guilty to being bribed to send sensitive military information to a Chinese intelligence officer. He was paid at least $14,866 by a Chinese intelligence officer for sending information on the U.S. Navy operational security, military trainings and exercises, and critical infrastructure, according to the DOJ.

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