Two Classic Movies Are Getting “Diverse” Remakes That No One Wants

The classic movies ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ are about to get remade for the sake of “diversity” according to a director and writer currently working on the scripts.

Variety reports that Kenya Barris, creator of the show ‘Black-ish’, wants to give the 1939 Judy Garland tale, as well as the 1946 Jimmy Stewart Christmas classic, a makeover which will involve telling the stories from a “different point of a view,” with “diverse characters.”

“The original ‘Wizard of Oz’ took place during the Great Depression and it was about self-reliance and what people were going through,” Barris said, adding “I think this is the perfect time to switch the characters and talk about what someone imagines their life could be.”

Barris declared that in his Wizard of Oz, Dorothy “lives in huge apartment complex located in Inglewood, and someone comes up and she ends up in Underhood, which is right outside of Oz, and it takes place from there.”

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Yeah, not the same movie then is it.

“It’s ultimately a hero’s journey, someone thinks something’s better than where they’re at, and they go and realise that where they’re at is where they should be,” Barris continued, adding “I want people to be proud and happy about where they’re from.”

He also explained that he wants to remake It’s a Wonderful Life with a “person of colour” as the protagonist.

It’s a Wonderful Life is a movie about a man who puts his dreams on hold, again and again, for the betterment of his community.

In the original film, which is often voted one of the best movies of all time, Stewart’s character has suicidal thoughts on Christmas Eve which lead to an intervention of a guardian angel, who shows the character all the lives he has touched and how they would be much worse off if he wasn’t around.

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Barris stated “It’s a guy who’s trying to help out his community and things are going to turn around on him,” adding “I think that’s the perfect story to tell for a person of colour — Black or brown — to get into that because our communities have some issues and someone trying to help that community out. I think that’s the perfect vehicle to tell that story from.”

Again, not the same film.

Why not just make new original films with these themes?

Why does everything now have to be a stripping and re-moulding of the past?

We’ve seen this over and over again with the likes of Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, the list goes on.

The result is the same every time. It’s always just a monumental flop and a giant waste of money because no one wants to see it.

Now they’re are going after all time classics.

What’s next? Citizen Kane with a trans person of colour set in Mississippi, just for the sake of it?


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