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Tucker Carlson Proclaims “The President is Senile, Everyone Knows It”

During an appearance at the 2024 World Government Summit, Tucker Carlson said, “The president is senile, everyone knows it.”

Carlson made the comments after he dropped an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who could have been accused of a lot of things, but his mental acuity was very much intact.

Tucker said he had no idea what was going to happen during the election, but that one thing is crystal clear.

“I think that the current administration is very obviously incompetent and the president is senile, that’s not an attack, everyone knows it,” said the former Fox News host.

“It has now been confirmed I would say this week in the report that you’re all familiar with…and that’s very sad,” he added.

Tucker was referring to the conclusion made by special counsel Robert Hur, who said Biden did not remember when he was vice-president or within “several years” when his son Beau died.

Biden responded to the report by getting angry and shouting at reporters, claiming his memory was fine before then mixing up the leaders of Mexico and Egypt.

Donald Trump responded by demanding cognitive tests for all presidential candidates.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre subsequently claimed that it’s perfectly normal to confuse current world leaders with ones that have been dead for decades, as Biden has done twice in recent weeks.

As we previously highlighted, Former Obama advisor David Axelrod declared that Biden’s incensed reaction to Hur’s report suggesting his memory has faded only served to “reinforce a meme that’s out there,”adding that Biden’s cognitive acuity “is a problem.”

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However, as shown in the video below, there’s still a network of staunch Biden allies who ludicrously maintain that the president is as sharp as ever.”

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