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Trump Blasts ‘Democrat trap’ Border Bill, ‘It’s one of the dumbest bills I’ve ever seen’

On Monday night, former President Donald Trump called the Senate’s $118 billion border security bill “a Democrat trap” and “a trap for Republicans,” adding that “it’s one of the dumbest bills I’ve ever seen.”

Newsmax host Rob Schmitt asked the former president why some Senate Republicans were “itching to sign off” on the legislation.

Trump replied, “Well, it’s hard to believe because I think it probably would mean the end of their career. This is a Democrat trap. It’s a trap for Republicans that would be so stupid, so foolish to sign a bill like this. This bill can’t be signed.”

He added, “It’s not only that, it’s massive amounts of money going out of town, as we say … billions, and billions and billions of dollars and it’s so bad on the border. I’ve never seen anything like it. Actually, it’s one of the dumbest bills I’ve ever seen.”

Trump continued, “I had the safest border in the history of our country. We had no bill, and I just said, ‘Close the border.’ It’s closed.”

“We had the safest border in history, the history of our country, we had the safest border. Now we have, I believe, the worst border in the history of the world. There’s never been a border like this. Ever.”

Trump even said a “Third-World country” has a better border than the US.

He noted that his “remain in Mexico” policy helped prevent a flood of illegal immigrants during his time in office.

“I went to Mexico, and negotiated with Mexico. They gave us 28,000 troops. They gave us a lot of other things. Stay in Mexico. Remain … we called it remain in Mexico, they gave us that. This bill doesn’t have anything about remain in Mexico.”

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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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