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Trump Bashes AG Letitia James’ ‘derangement syndrome’ from ‘jewel’ of His Real Estate Company That He Could Lose in NY Civil Fraud Trial

Former President Donald Trump left his New York civil fraud trial Thursday to stage a competing press conference at one of the “jewels” of his real estate portfolio — which he could stand to lose over Attorney General Letitia James’ suit.

Trump, 77, continued his attacks on James from his iconic 40 Wall Street skyscraper in lower Manhattan, while state lawyers returned to the courtroom a little over a mile away to deliver their closing statements in the case that could see the ex-president fined some $370 million.

“She’s got serious Trump derangement syndrome,” he said of the attorney general, doubling down on his refrain that he has been the victim of her politically motivated witch hunt.

“We’ve proven this case so conclusively. We’ve asked for directed verdict many times. They don’t have any facts. They don’t have any evidence against us,” Trump continued.

“Millions and millions of pages, years of litigation — and all politically motivated.”

The former commander-in-chief delivered the remarks from his namesake Trump Building — one of the prized assets at the center of the case against him — soon after he watched his defense lawyers deliver their closing remarks.

“I thought we’ll come down to 40 Wall Street, which is a great building and you get a chance to see one of the nicest buildings in New York, very convenient place,” Trump said.

“I don’t have to pay the rent … it’s been a very successful building.”

Sitting opposite the New York Stock Exchange, the 71-story commercial skyscraper is one of the few buildings that Trump owns in its entirety.

It is considered one of the jewels of his real estate portfolio — given he paid peanuts for it in the mid-1990s.

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The real estate tycoon had paid between $1 million and $10 million for the office tower back in 1995. The exact figure is hard to pin down because it was a 500-year leasehold purchase.

The building, designated a city landmark in 1998, is among those the AG’s Office alleges the Trump Organization inflated the value of.

Former President Donald Trump continued his attacks on New York Attorney General Letitia James as his civil fraud trial was still underway Thursday.

The Trump Org’s 2015 appraisal of the skyscraper it leased came in at $735.4 million — despite the lender-ordered appraisal being $540 million, the state’s lawsuit claims.

The valuation had included a $1.4 million ground-floor lease with upscale food market Dean & DeLuca, which hadn’t yet been signed and ultimately never came to fruition.

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