Three Week Old Infant Discovered Dead In Bush After Homeless Addict Dad Allowed To care For Him

The death of a three-week-old baby boy, who was put in the care of his homeless drug addict father in Washington State, has shocked the nation. 

But don’t expect the grossly misguided progressive crusade behind this travesty to be reversed any time soon, writes Seattle radio show host Jason Rantz, in this impassioned commentary. 

For, Rantz insists, Pacific Northwest Democrat extremists are willing to sacrifice the lives of children in pursuit of their insane liberal agenda.

Nowhere in America is the deranged, destructive insanity of the progressive Left’s crusade to ‘de-stigmatize’ drug use more apparent than in the Pacific Northwest.

n 2020, a 58 percent majority in the suicidal state of Oregon voted to become the first in the nation to decriminalize hard narcotics from fentanyl to heroin, oxycodone to methamphetamine.

What could possibly go wrong?


The state separated the child from his birth mother and placed him with 37-year-old Jordan Sorensen (above) – a prolific criminal with no stable home address.

Two years later, the Beaver State has become a real-life version of the meme ‘How it started. How it’s going.’

In 2019, 280 people in Oregon died from unintentional opioid overdoses, according to the state health authority. By 2022, that number had skyrocketed to 956.

Portland, a once-thriving city that has been devastated by open-air drug use, just declared a 90-day emergency to combat the fentanyl crisis. But don’t call it progress.

The plan bizarrely establishes no benchmarks for success, makes zero commitment to arresting criminal drug users and doesn’t take any steps toward reversing the misplaced pro-addict ideology that has fueled this carnage.

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These progressives, blinkered to the catastrophic reality, still think that ‘criminalizing addiction’ leads to stigma that prevents addicts from seeking treatment, as if the current approach has led to long lines at treatment centers (It hasn’t).

This twisted dogma has also taken hold in neighboring Washington state, where a three-week-old baby boy must now be sorrowfully added to the long list of casualties from his malevolent approach to America’s spiraling addiction crisis.

In all their perverse wisdom, the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families deemed to leave a newborn child with his drug-addicted father, after the baby was born on Christmas Day with traces of fentanyl in his system.

The state separated the child from his birth mother and placed him with 37-year-old Jordan Sorensen – a prolific criminal with no stable home address.

Court documents show that Sorensen, who passed an initial drug test, was given unsupervised guardianship of the baby and then almost immediately stopped complying with the terms of his custody and vanished.

He was later found by police hiding in a homeless encampment and subsequently informed the cops that his child was already dead.

The tiny corpse was found naked, dumped in a discarded car seat covered by bushes.

Sorensen denies killing the boy or taking drugs before the baby’s death. Only afterward, Sorensen admits, did he get high.

Who could read about this case and not conclude that something has gone grievously wrong in Washington State?

A progressive – that’s who.

Enter Brett Ballew with the Washington State Office of Public Defense. ‘I understand some of the concerns where children have been hurt or children have died,’ he said of this gut-wrenching, avoidable tragedy. ‘But I will say, that’s always been true… I believe that we are in the right balance.’

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The unbelievable, unconscionable truth of this horror is that it was by design.

Washington State’s ‘Keeping Families Together Act,’ in effect since July 2023, says that substance abuse and prenatal drug and alcohol exposure is not a reason to remove a child from a parent’s custody because it ‘does not by itself constitute imminent physical harm.’

State Democrats argued the law was necessary because of – you guessed it – racism.

‘Black and Indigenous children are still disproportionately removed from their families and communities’ compared to white children, the legislation complains.

So, their psychotic remedy? A game of Russian roulette with children’s lives.

This is the same state that fiercely protects children seeking gender-affirming care from parental intervention, yet paradoxically thinks that fentanyl fiends are fit to be responsible caregivers.

I dare you to make sense of that!

For their part, Washington Republicans have introduced legislation to reverse course and make the use of controlled substances a disqualifying offense for someone seeking custody of a child. But Democrats, who have total control of the state legislature, won’t support the bill.


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