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Terrifying Moment Woman Clings to Speeding Car after Thieves Snatched Her French Bulldog

Shocking video caught the moment a woman clung to the hood of a speeding car after thieves stole her French Bulldog Onyx and drove off. 

Ali Zacharias was having lunch at a Whole Foods in Los Angeles on January 18 when a stranger stole her dog and jumped into a waiting car.  Zacharias tried to block the car from driving away, but it hit her, knocking her onto the hood, and sped off, driving away with her clinging on.

A passerby caught the moment on camera, before the car made a tight turn and Zacharias was thrown off.

Onyx is still missing. 

‘It was horrifying, as he started to go faster and faster I’m like, ‘I’m about to die. This is my death. Right now. I’m about to die,’ Zacharias told KTLA.

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The incident occurred around 2.30pm at the Whole Foods on Grand Avenue and 8th Street.

Zacharias said she was sitting with Onyx by her feet under a table when a stranger called out to him, and then grabbed his leash and walked off with him.

Ali Zacharias was having lunch in Los Angeles when her dog Onyx was stolen

She initially thought it was a mistake, adding: ‘I didn’t think that somebody was stealing my dog.

‘I thought it was a misunderstanding, so I said, “That’s my dog. Excuse me,” and she wasn’t listening.’.

The thief jumped into a waiting car and Zacharias tried to get in behind her but she said there were four other people inside and they pushed her back out and locked the door.

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Zacharias ran to the front of the car and screamed for help but she said ‘nobody came.’

‘The next thing I know, the car’s driving into me and I fell onto the hood,’ she said.

The thieves drove for several blocks before making a sharp turn, throwing Zacharias onto the ground. They sped off again with Onyx still inside.

The thief jumped into a waiting car and Zacharias tried to block their way, but they sped off and hit her

Zacharias reported the theft to the police who are searching the area – she is also offering a large reward for his return.

She said: ‘They stole my child away from me. I’m just praying that I can get him back.’

Police described the car as a newer white Kia Forte sedan with a missing hubcap on the driver’s front side, according to KTLA.

French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed in the country and can sell for over $1,000 a puppy.

Witness Harrison Pessy said he was walking down the street when he heard a woman screaming and saw the car go flying past with Zacharias clinging on. 

He said: ‘If someone tried to steal my dog, I’d probably try to kill them myself.’

She clung onto the hood for a few blocks before they made a sharp turn and threw her off


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