Teacher in Critical Condition After Being Shot by 6-Year-Old Student

A female teacher in Newport News, Virginia, is in critical condition after being shot Friday afternoon by a six-year-old student.

CNN reports that the shooting occurred at Richneck Elementary School.

Newport News police chief Steve Drew commented on the incident, saying, “This was not an accidental shooting.”

“The individual is a 6-year-old student,” he added. “He is right now in police custody. We have been in contact with our commonwealth attorney and some other entities to help us best get services to this young man.”

Authorities said the shooting was not an accident (The Virginian-Pilot via AP)


The teacher’s condition has improved “slightly,” the New York Times notes.

Newport News superintendent Dr. George Parker announced, “I’m in shock, and I’m in awe, and I’m disheartened.”

“I cannot control access to weapons,” Parker continued. “My teachers cannot control access to weapons. Today our students got a lesson in gun violence and what guns can do to disrupt not only an educational environment, but also a family, a community.”

The mayor of Newport News said officials are struggling to understand how a child so young could be involved in a school shooting.

According to the Daily Mail, Sebastian Gonzalez-Hernandez, a parent of another student in the classroom, said Zwerner “screamed at her kids to run away” and “even after she’d been shot she was thinking about the safety of her children.”

There is a profound sense of shock around the incident, according to officials (The Virginian-Pilot via AP)

Phillip Jones said the condition of the teacher at Richneck Elementary School, a woman in her 30s, is “trending in a positive direction” as she remains in hospital.

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The boy shot and wounded the teacher in a first-grade classroom on Friday at the school, according to authorities.

Mr. Jones declined to release additional details about what led to the altercation, citing the ongoing police investigation.

He also would not comment on how the boy got access to the gun or who owns the weapon.

“This is a red flag for the country,” Mr Jones said.

“I do think that after this event, there is going to be a nationwide discussion on how these sorts of things can be prevented.”

Abby Zwerner (pictured), 25, a first-grade teacher at Richneck Elementary School, was rushed to hospital with critical injuries on Friday after she was shot in the chest by a 6-year-old boy

Experts who study gun violence said the shooting demonstrates an extremely unusual situation of a young child bringing a gun into school and wounding a teacher.

Researcher David Riedman, pioneer of a database that follows US school shootings dating back to 1970, said: “It’s very rare and it’s not something the legal system is really designed or positioned to deal with.”

George Parker III, the Newport News schools superintendent, said: “Today our students got a lesson in gun violence, and what guns can do to disrupt, not only an educational environment, but also a family, a community”.



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