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Stunning 60 Minutes Report on Chinese Migrant Invasion of Southern California

60 Minutes correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reported Sunday night on a tiny gap in the border wall in southern California near the town of Jacumba located about sixty miles east of San Diego where thousands of Chinese migrants illegally enter the United States every week, are processed by Border Patrol and then shipped off to San Diego where a well-funded NGO helps the migrants make connections to move further into the U.S.

The gap is promoted on TikTok with ‘step-by-step’ instructions on how to get there. Migrants showed Alfonsi the TikTok videos on their smartphones.

The timing of the stunning report does not bode well for the controversial Senate border-Ukraine bill that dropped Sunday night.

(UPDATE at end of article, Mexico blocks access to the San Judas Break.)

The land where the migrants enter is owned by a legal immigrant from Yugoslavia who was arrested last year for firing a warning shot because a group of migrants camping on his land were knocking down and burning his trees for warmth. He was not charged but his gun was confiscated. He says about 3,000 migrants a week enter his property through the wall break. Video shows his property looks like a homeless camp with tents and trash everywhere.

Two segments were run by 60 Minutes, a broadcast report that focused on interviewing the Chinese migrants just after they crossed through the gap and the landowner; and a 60 Minutes Overtime report posted online that focused on the illegal entry point known as the San Judas Break, named after a nearby Mexican town, and the NGO processing center in San Diego.

60 Minutes reports they witnessed about 600 migrants, adults and children, enter over four days. Migrants from India, Vietnam and Afghanistan were also encountered.

A local man says the wall was built under Obama and the gap was blocked with concertina wire under President Trump. The concertina wire is still there but pushed aside. The local man says no one has told him why the gap is allowed to exist. He says at times he has stood in the gap and told the migrants not to enter as a joke–and they obeyed!–and wonders why the government doesn’t shut the gap down. The man, a Quaker, helps the migrants with food and clothing while they wait for Border Patrol.

The man says the Chinese migrants tell him they mainly come via two routes: They either fly to Ecuador and then make their way north, while others fly to Mexican resort cities on “all inclusive” packages that get them to Tijuana and on to the San Judas Break. (One Chinese woman told 60 Minutes broadcast she sold her home to pay the $14,000 fee for smuggling her to the U.S.)

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The Overtime episode also reports on a taxpayer funded NGO in San Diego that sprung up last year in response to Border Patrol dumping the migrants on the city. The goal is to get the migrants out of San Diego. The plan is working as only 0.5 percent of the migrants remain in the Democrat run city.

The broadcast episode is titled “Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico” 60 Minutes reporter Sharyn Alfonsi interviews migrants and watches in astonishment as cartel smugglers driving SUVs routinely deposit their human cargo by the wall and the migrants then scurry through the gap, often under the watch of “well armed” Border Patrol agents who do nothing. The migrants reportedly pay the smugglers $400 for the trip from Tijuana to the border gap. Border Patrol agents play recorded instructions in Mandarin while NGO staff rely on translation apps to deal with the migrants.

Customs and Border Patrol told 60 Minutes they do not have the authority to stop the illegal aliens from entering through the gap in the wall. They also said fixing the gap is a “priority” but is waiting on funding from Congress.

Excerpt from the 60 Minutes transcript:

We wondered how all of these migrants…knew about this particular entryway into California.

The answer was in their hands.

Translator: TikTok, TikTok.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Oh you learned on TikTok.

TikTok is a social media platform created in China. The posts we found had step-by-step instructions for hiring smugglers and detailed directions to that hole we visited.

We were struck by just how orderly and routine it all seemed. The migrants walked about a half mile down a dirt road and waited in line for U.S. Border Patrol to arrive so they could surrender.

The land they are waiting on is owned by 75-year-old Jerry Shuster, a retiree.

Sharyn Alfonsi: The whole world seems to know there’s a way in. And it’s on your property.

Jerry Shuster: They’re all doing this. They’re all doing this. when they come over here, they come with the suitcases. They come prepared with the computers just like they got off on a Norwegian cruise ship yesterday.

Shuster owns 17 acres…just north of the border fence and a quarter mile outside of Jacumba Hot Springs, California. Population 540.

Sharyn Alfonsi: You’re an immigrant yourself.

Jerry Shuster: Yes.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Where did you come from?

Jerry Shuster: I come from Yugoslavia. And I left Yugoslavia, I went to Austria. I stayed there eight month. And I knock on this door. I didn’t bust the door down to come over here.

Sharyn Alfonsi: You came through the front door.

Jerry Shuster: I came through the front door.

Sharyn Alfonsi: And what do you think about this?

Jerry Shuster: They– they don’t care. They– they– they– they come through the hole like they’re comin’ to their own country over here. And nobody do nothin’ about it.

Shuster says it all started in May. He went to investigate some smoke coming from his property and found migrants burning trees to stay warm.

Today, his property looks like a messy moonscape…littered with the trash and tents migrants have left behind.

Video posted by Aguero earlier on Sunday:


Freelance reporter Anthony Aguero has been reporting from Jacumba for several days. This video was posted overnight and shows the migrants with campfires in 32 degree weather. Many of these migrants were military age men from countries in Central and South America, as well as Korea, China and India:

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Video posted by Aguero earlier on Sunday:

UPDATE: Anthony Aguero posted video taken Monday morning showing Mexican officials blocking the San Judas Break.


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