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Study Reveals Drunkest Cities In America Are Run By Democrats

The most commonly abused drug in the US is alcohol. Since alcohol is socially acceptable, more people are addicted to alcohol than any other drug. A new study by the finance website Insider Monkey has revealed the top ten US cities with the highest alcohol consumption per capita.

Insider Monkey said Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ranked number on the list because of its “lowest alcohol tax rates in the country, resulting in lower retail and wholesale prices.” Milwaukee is a Democratic stronghold with an excessive drinking rate of 24.6%.

Analysts with Insider Monkey used County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, the US Census Bureau, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data to find metro areas with the highest excessive drinking rates. Only cities with populations of 200,000 or more were analyzed. The rate measures the percentage of a city’s adult population that reports binge or heavy drinking in the last month.

Number two is Minneapolis, Minnesota, yet another Democratic stronghold. It has an excessive drinking rate of 23.5%.

Third is Boston, Massachusetts, another Democratic stronghold with an excessive drinking rate of 23.1%.

Fourth is Buffalo, New York — you might have already guessed it — another Democratic stronghold — has an excessive drinking rate of 22.8%.

Fifth on the list is crime-ridden Chicago, with an excessive drinking rate of 22.7%. And sixth is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with an excessive drinking rate of 22.5%. Seventh is New Orleans, with an excessive drinking rate of 21.9%. Eight is Sacramento, California, with a 21.6% excessive drinking rate. Nine is Portland, Oregon, and last but not least is Austin, Texas.

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So what’s the commonality between all of these cities? Well, they’re all Democratic strongholds. And excessive drinking cost the US economy $250 billion in 2010 (Latest figures available by the CDC).

Virtue-signaling Democrats who say they’re for the people but are letting their cities implode with rampant drug use, an explosion in homelessness, and a surge in violent crime. Do they even care about law and order?

This post was originally published at Zero Hedge
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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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