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Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner to Co-host Hollywood Fundraiser for President Biden at Up to $500,000 Per Ticket

A group of Hollywood elites will host Joe Biden’s first star-studded, Tinseltown fundraiser since the president announced his bid for re-election.

While the event is formally hosted by former United States Ambassador to Spain and Andorra James Costos and designer Michael Smith, it will be co-hosted by many others, including iconic filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Tickets start at $1,000 per person, Deadline reported, but rise to $500,000 for those who wish to be listed as co-chairs of the event.

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A ticket for $25,000 or more will provide access to the photo line, which could possibly include first lady Jill Biden, who will reportedly attend the event. Proceeds go to the Biden Victory Fund, a fundraising committee for the Democratic National Committee and Biden’s campaign.

Despite Spielberg’s obvious interest in politics, supporters of Israel have questioned the director about his lack of comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Spielberg was asked by the president of Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA to speak out against the war, Los Angeles Magazine reported:

“I, along with countless other Survivors, are so heartbroken that, since October 7, 2023, you have not spoken out and publicly taken a stand against terrorism, against Hamas and the millions who celebrate the shedding of Jewish blood,” wrote David Schaecter, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor.

As Hollywood in Toto reported, Spielberg’s silence is especially peculiar considering the fact that following his 1993 film “Schindler’s List,” Spielberg created the USC Shoah Foundation, a group dedicated to telling stories about the Holocaust.

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Another co-host of the Biden event is the virulently anti-Trump Rob Reiner.

Reiner recently reaffirmed his disdain for former President Trump when he told MSNBC’s Ari Melber on “The Beat” that Trump would likely govern as an “authoritarian,” while Biden actually “believes in the Constitution.”

“I’m trying to impress upon people as best I can that every time we have a presidential election, they always say, this is the most important election of our lifetime. They’re tired of it. This one actually is,” Reiner began.

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“You have one candidate in Trump who actually tells you he’s going to govern like an authoritarian. He says it. It’s not a mystery,” he claimed. “You have another guy who has been there, knows how to run the government, believes in the Constitution, believes in democracy, the rule of law, and you’ve got to make a choice.”

“You have to make a choice. Do we want fascism, or do we want to continue the 248 years of self-rule?” Reiner asked.

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