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South Korean President Sings ‘American Pie’ On Key At Lavish White House State Dinner As Biden Admits ‘I can barely talk’

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol closed out Wednesday’s state dinner by belting out a verse of the classic song ‘American Pie’ as President Joe Biden admitted he can ‘barely talk’ – let alone sing.

Biden invited Yoon to take the stage and sing the American classic, which is Yoon’s favorite song. The American president even gave his South Korean counterpart a guitar signed by Don McLean, who wrote and originally performed the hit tune.

After Yoon sang the first verse – to a thunderous standing ovation, Biden, who’s famous for making verbal gaffes, joked: ‘Don’t expect me to sing it! I can barely talk.’




President Biden and first lady Jill Biden wrapped up their dinner for Yoon and his wife Kim Keon-hee with a selection of Broadway classics performed by Broadway stars Norm Lewis, Lea Salonga and Jessica Vosk.

At the end of a selection of musical theater classics – including Happy Days are Here Again; On My Own; and Don’t Rain on My Parade – the set list ended with their version of American Pie.

Among the other guests watching were Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie along with her son Maddox, Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines and one Congressional Republican – Sen. Mitt Romney, who voted in favor of both of former President Donald Trump‘s impeachments.


After the broadway stars finished their tunes, Jill Biden gave Yoon a push on stage where President Biden asked him to sing.

‘We know this is one of your favorite songs, ‘American Pie,’ Biden said to Yoon.

‘Yes, that’s true,’ Yoon said through a Korean translator. ‘When I was going to school, it was one of my favorite songs.’

‘We want to hear you sing it,’ Biden said.

‘It’s been a while but…’ Yoon replied, before singing the first few stanzas.

Afterward, Biden told Yoon: ‘The next state dinner we’re going to have you’re looking at the entertainment.’ And he told his South Korean counterpart: ‘I had no damn idea you could sing.’ 

As guests entered through the Jacqueline Kennedy Rose Garden, past a hand painted screen illustrating a nature scene with American bison and Korean tigers – all proclaimed their elation at the being at the White House.

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One of the guests of honor, Angelina Jolie, 47, played shy when asked what was next after leaving her longtime post at the United Nations, guilelessly smiling for the row of cameras.


Eldest son Maddox answered ‘great’ when asked about Seoul, as he’s studied at Yonsei University. A source close to the actress told that ‘Angelina has visited South Korea many times for her humanitarian and refugee advocacy over the past two decades, and as an artist. Angelina and Maddox are honored to attend this State Dinner.’

The actress wore a vintage Chanel jacket and a dress made for her many years ago.


Friendship and cooperation were the theme of Yoon’s visit, which included a new military alliance to counter the increasing nuclear danger to North Korea; an Oval Office meeting between the two leaders; a formal welcome ceremony on the South Lawn; and a visit to the Korean Warm memorial.

At the dinner, held in the East Room of the White House under the hundreds of cherry blossoms decorating the area, Biden toasted their relationship as ‘allies and friends’ and Yoon described it as an ‘ironclad alliance,’ despite leaked documents suggesting the U.S. was spying on Seoul.

For the black-tie affair, Dr. Biden wore a mauve, long sheath evening gown by Reem Acra. Kim wore a long white skirt, white jacket, and gloves.

It was also a family affair, as Frank Biden, the president’s brother, and Meena Harris, Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, were on the guest list.

Frank Biden hurried by the line of reporters covering the arrival, and failed to stop  when asked how he would help with the president’s reelection bid – which was made official Tuesday.

‘Just supporting when I can,’ Meena Harris replied when asked what role she would have in the 2024 campaign.

Missing from the guest list was the president’s son Hunter, who was seen at the White House’s first state dinner with France in December, but passed over the arrivals line.

Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim dazzled in a smoke-colored gown with large flowers attached to it.

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‘I didn’t wear my medal, I don’t know where it is,’ Kim admitted to reporters covering the arrivals.

Lea Salonga, one of the three Broadway stars scheduled to perform at the dinner, answered ‘Belle. The books,’ when asked what Disney character Dr. Biden would be.

Salonga furnished the voice for both Princess Jasmine and Mulan.

Joanna Gaines laughed and answered ‘oh gosh no,’ when asked if she had any design advice for the White House.

‘White interiors and exteriors is just her thing,’ Chip Gaines chimed in.


The couple ignored a question about Donald Trump holding his first Texas campaign rally in their hometown of Waco.

‘No comment there,’ Chip Gaines said laughing.

Romney told reporters that he supports House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt bill.

‘Absolutely. He’s now laid out a reasonable proposal. It’s time for the White House to negotiate. That’s the way a two-party system works. Which is they both have to come together and work out a compromise. That’s what’s gotta be done now,’ Romney said.

While McCarthy was on the guest list for the first state dinner, he was left out on Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer refused to stop for a chat about the debt ceiling. He also wasn’t up to the dress code, wearing only a navy blue business suit instead of a tuxedo.

‘This is as tux-y as I get,’ he said.

A number of Biden’s top Democratic supporters were invited to the dinner including Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who was named 2024 campaign co-chair this week.


Here is

meeting with the President of South Korea today in Washington D.C.

















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