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Seattle Library Worker Charged With Child Rape and Trafficking of Two Girls Aged 11 and 15

A Seattle library worker suspected of sex-trafficking two girls aged 11 and 15 has been charged with one count of third-degree child rape, two counts of encouraging the commercial sexual abuse of a minor, as well as second-degree trafficking. 


Ezra Wimana, 25, was arrested following an investigation into a human trafficking case involving two Oregon minors, according to the Bellevue Police Department. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked part-time in the Library Page fellowship in the King County Library System.

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“Wimana, who appeared before a judge on Wednesday, faces multiple charges, including two counts of Trafficking in the Second Degree, two counts of Promoting Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor, and one count of Rape of a Child in the 3rd degree. Wimana remains at the King County jail with a bail of $500,000,” an official released stated.


The investigation revealed that Wimnima contacted the young girls through social media using Instagram and Snapchat and they fell prey to his trafficking scheme. He allegedly then transported them over 300 miles from Oregon to Washington where they were then subject to “exploitation, including substance abuse, sexual exploitation and sexual assault.”

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He allegedly attempted to force them into prostitution along Aurora Avenue in Seattle and then later abandoned the victims on the side of the road. The girls were later returned to their parents by law enforcement. 

The Bellevue Police Department said if anyone has more knowledge of trafficking going on in the Puget Sound Region, to contact the Bellevue Police Human Trafficking Unit at [email protected]. Tips can be kept anonymous.

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