Russian Hackers Post NAKED Photos of Cancer Patients on Dark Web

A Russian hacker network has published online naked photos of cancer patients which they stole from a hospital network, after they refused to pay a ransom.

Lehigh Valley Health Network, a Pennsylvania-based consortium of 13 hospitals and 28 health care centers, said the hackers’ actions were an ‘unconscionable criminal act’.

The images were obtained by a group known as ALPHV, nicknamed BlackCat – a group that is also believed to be behind a September hack of Italy’s state-owned energy company.

On February 6 the healthcare company disclosed that they discovered unauthorized activity on their computer networks, and contacted law enforcement.

A month later, the hackers gave a statement saying they had ‘been in your network for a long time’, and had accessed patient passports, questionnaires, personal information and ‘nude photos’.



Lehigh Valley Health Network runs 13 hospitals and 28 health care centers. They noticed unusual activity on their computers in early February







The healthcare company said the stolen information includes three screenshots, described as ‘clinically appropriate’ photographs of cancer patients receiving radiation oncology treatment.

There were also seven documents including patient information, Lehigh Valley Live reported.

The information was published on the dark web when the hospital said they would not pay the hackers.

‘Our blog is followed by a lot of world media, the case will be widely publicized, and will cause significant damage to your business,’ the hackers said.

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‘Your time is running out. We are ready to unleash our full power on you.’

It wasn’t clear just how much money the hackers demanded.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human services said in January that BlackCat has demanded ransoms as high as $1.5 million.

The Allentown, Pennsylvania-based company said that publishing the patient data was ‘despicable’.

‘This unconscionable criminal act takes advantage of patients receiving cancer treatment, and LVHN condemns this despicable behavior,’ the company said.

Lehigh Valley operates a series of hospitals across Pennsylvania

Brian Nester, the CEO of the healthcare company, said they were still analyzing information involved in the incident.

‘We will provide notices as required to those whose information was involved,’ the company statement stated.

Russian hackers have become increasingly bold, staging attacks on global banks, Britain’s Royal Mail and U.S. infrastructure.

On March 2, an aggressive and wide-ranging White House cybersecurity plan was released, calling for boosting protections on critical sectors and making software companies legally responsible when their products do not measure up to basic standards.

The strategy document promises to use ‘all instruments of national power’ to pre-empt cyberattacks.

The Democratic administration also said it would work to ‘impose robust and clear limits’ on private sector data collection, including of geolocation and health information.









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