Putin Taunts Freezing Europe For Christmas in Ad: They Will Be Reduced To Eating Their Pets

An ‘anti-Europe’ Christmas advertisement broadcast by Russia TV is making the rounds on social media.

Commenting on the advert: Igor Sushko, a former race car driver who was born in Ukraine, tweeted: ‘Propaganda ads coming out on Russian channels available online in Europe to instill fear in Europeans through energy terrorism. 

‘The message: In a year, Europeans will have to resort to eating their own pets unless they appease Putin now.’

The video concentrates on a family celebrating Christmas.

The classical Christmas song Silent Night is playing over the advertisement with a piano accompaniment.

As a mother takes her hands away from her daughter’s eyes to divulge they have bought a hamster, with a red ribbon tied in a bow on its head.

The girl looks happy and the family then hug each another.

‘Christmas 2021’ flashes up on the screen to illustrate the timeframe.

Then ‘Christmas 2022’ appears on the video to show that a year has passed.

The father puts the hamster cage on the table.

He then wires it up and it is depicted to be powering the Christmas lights.

As the hamster powers the lights, the family are sat in an otherwise dark room in Christmas sweaters.

The video then moves from Christmas 2022 to Christmas 2023.

There is still no lighting in the house and they are eating a watery soup, dressed in coats and hats.

The man pulls the bow tie from his mouth.

The mother then puts her finger to her mouth to indicate that they should not let anyone know that it is the hamster they are eating.

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The father then rushes out of the room to vomit.

The grisly advertisement then ends with  the message, ‘Merry  Anti Russian Christmas. If your media doesn’t tell you where this is.’

One Twitter user commented: ‘Oh dear… Russian state broadcaster RT has a Christmas message for Europeans’. 

In another anti-Western propaganda video released, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been portrayed as Santa on the country’s social media this week.

The video feeds into Russian prejudices about Europe and the United States which have been fueled by pro-Kremlin propagandists during the war in Ukraine to build the case that the conflict is a struggle of ethics between Russia and Ukraine’s western allies.



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