President Biden Nibbles On, And Sniffs Terrified Finnish Child

Most children would dream of a personal encounter with the leader of the free world.

But this little girl looked mortified as Joe Biden pretended to gobble her up and sniff her during a bizarre exchange in Finland.

The 80-year-old President was caught engaging with the mom and daughter as he prepared to fly back to Washington from Europe.

Biden was in Helsinki following the NATO summit in Lithuania, where he was also slammed for making a creepy comment to a female Finnish reporter.

It is the latest bizarre clip of the president, who has often raised questions in the past for his interactions with youngsters.

Footage showed Biden leaning into the young girl in her mother’s arms on the tarmac at Helsinki airport.

He moved his mouth in a gobbling motion towards the youngster before resting it on her shoulder and continuing to nibble.

The girl’s mom and a man watching on laughed at the president, but the child looked horrified and scowled at him as he backed away.

She continued to squirm and turned her back on the commander-in-chief as her mother tried to take a selfie.

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Meanwhile Biden continued making faces at her before seeming to attempt to smell her head or nestle her.

He eventually walked away before being met by others gathered and anticipating to snap a picture with him. The girl continued to shrink in her mother’s arms.

The president was extensively trolled on social media after the video materialized on Friday afternoon.

Some labeled the interaction ‘strange’ while others went as far as to call for him to be put in a nursing home.

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‘This is quite strange’, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz posted on Twitter alongside the clip.

‘Oops’, Republican Senator Ted Cruz added. ‘Biden should be in a nursing home, not leading the free world,’ Donald Trump Jr. also wrote in a tweet.

Conservative activist Caleb Hull said: ‘This has got to be Biden’s creepiest moment yet with a child. All Biden has to do is not do this and he can’t.’

It comes after Biden also discovered himself in hot water for a strange comment made to a female Finnish reporter.

He was thinking on unpredictability and his sense of predestination while fielding a question about NATO‘s newest member, Finland, which sits just 70 miles from Russia.

‘We will stand together,‘ he said at a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, after the country had hurried to join the alliance following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

‘No one can guarantee the future. But this is the best bet anyone can make,’ he qualified.

After he was done answering the question – about whether political divisions in the US might in the future sabotage whatever commitments Biden makes – he returned to his statement of mutual commitment and collective defense, which is sanctified in the NATO Charter.

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He did so even as the Finnish president started answering a similar question.

‘Let me be clear,’ Biden told Lida Tikka, the D.C. correspondent of Finnish public broadcaster YLE. ‘I didn’t say… we couldn’t guarantee the future.

‘You can’t tell me whether you’re going to be able to go home tonight. No one can be sure what they’re going to do.

‘I’m saying as sure as anything could possibly be said about American foreign policy, we will stay connected to NATO, connected to NATO beginning middle and end. We’re a a transatlantic partnership.’

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The Finnish president added: ‘It seems the President has solved your problems. ‘I have no reason to doubt about USA policies in the future,’ added Niinisto.

Biden had to ask his questioner to repeat her inquiry, after she referred to a bipartisan bill by Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Tim Kaine (D-Va.) to prevent a president from withdrawing from NATO without congressional approval.

Biden had earlier stated ‘the United States is committed to Finland, committed to NATO and those commitments are rock solid.’

He promised to protect ‘every inch of NATO territory, and that includes Finland, obviously,’ he said.








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