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Portland Girl, 9, Gang Raped In School Bathroom, Family Files $9m Lawsuit

The harrowing ordeal of a nine-year-old Portland girl allegedly gang-raped in her school bathroom strikes at the heart of communal trust and safety. The family’s decision to file a $9 million lawsuit against the school district is not just a quest for justice, it’s a damning indictment of a system that appears to have failed spectacularly in safeguarding its students.

The incident, which reportedly took place at Faubion School in Portland, Oregon, has sent shockwaves through the community. According to the lawsuit filed by the family, two boys from the same school assaulted the young girl in November 2019.

What compounds this tragedy is not only the nature of the crime but also how it was handled—or mishandled—by those in authority. The alleged attackers were suspended for merely one day, an administrative response that many would argue is grossly inadequate given the severity of the accusations.

A nine-year-old girl’s family has filed a lawsuit against Portland Public Schools and a non-profit after-school program after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by two male students in April 2022 at Scott Elementary School

Prior to the bathroom assault, one of her classmates allegedly groped her genitals outside of her clothing without her consent during a class, while an educator was in the room, the lawsuit said.

In yet another incident, the girl slapped a student after he tried to kiss the young girl without her consent, the lawsuit said.

This case raises serious questions about school safety protocols and disciplinary measures. Parents send their children off to school with the belief that they will be in a secure environment conducive to learning and personal growth. When that trust is shattered by acts of violence, particularly sexual violence, it sends ripples of fear and anger throughout families and communities alike.

The suit said that two male students followed the girl into a bathroom after school and each ‘forcibly penetrated’ her as she tried to ward them off. (pictured: Scott Elementary School Principal Tiana Ahmann)

The details emerging from this lawsuit are disturbing. The complaint alleges that after reporting the rape, instead of receiving immediate care or counseling, the young girl was made to sit in an office for several hours before being picked up by her mother. This lack of immediate support for a child in crisis is alarming and suggests a breakdown not only in protocol but also in basic human empathy.

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Sydney Kelly, a spokesperson for Portland Public Schools, told Oregon Live: ‘The district learned of these new allegations last week when we received the lawsuit, and we are investigating.’

‘We are mandatory reporters, meaning we must report any instance of possible child abuse and neglect.’

‘We take our responsibilities as mandatory reporters seriously and follow the law around reporting.’

The lawsuit also noted other alleged instances where the girl was put in similar situations by male classmates at the school.

Moreover, this isn’t an isolated incident within Portland Public Schools (PPS). In 2017, another case surfaced involving a seven-year-old girl who was also allegedly raped at school. Her family filed a $5 million lawsuit against PPS. These cases point towards what could be perceived as an unsettling pattern of sexual assaults within schools and an institutional response that falls short.

Critics argue that such incidents underscore systemic issues within public education systems—issues like underfunding, understaffing, inadequate training for staff on handling such sensitive situations, or even flawed policies that prioritize reputational damage control over victim support.

The conservative viewpoint often emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability—not just at an individual level but institutionally as well. When schools fail to protect children or adequately respond to heinous acts committed on their premises, they must be held accountable. It’s about ensuring justice for victims and taking decisive steps to prevent future occurrences.

The $9 million figure attached to this lawsuit may seem staggering; however, it represents more than just compensation—it symbolizes a demand for change within PPS and educational institutions across America. It’s about sending a clear message: our children’s safety is non-negotiable.

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As details continue to emerge from this case—and as legal proceedings move forward—the broader implications cannot be ignored. This isn’t merely about one family’s fight for justice; it’s reflective of wider concerns regarding child safety within educational settings—a fundamental expectation from any society claiming to value its youth.

While no amount of money can undo trauma or restore lost innocence, lawsuits like these can catalyze reformative action within educational systems plagued by such egregious lapses in student protection protocols.

As we await further developments from this case out of Portland Public Schools—where once again parents are left grappling with fears over their children’s safety—one thing remains clear: our collective conscience demands better protection for our kids when they step into classrooms across America.


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