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Politico Says Making Babies is ‘far right’ as Low Birth Rates Lead to Population Collapse

In an era where the sanctity of family and the importance of procreation are increasingly marginalized, it’s startling to see mainstream media outlets like Politico seemingly aligning the desire to have children with far-right ideology. This comes at a time when plummeting birth rates in the United States are sounding alarms about potential population collapse—a crisis that should unite rather than divide us on ideological lines.

According to a report by The Post Millennial, Politico has characterized the act of making babies as a concept embraced by the far right. This assertion arose from coverage of a natalist conference held in Austin, Texas, which gathered individuals concerned about America’s declining birth rates. The event aimed to discuss and promote policies that encourage family growth, yet Politico’s framing suggests such discussions veer into extremist territory.

The implications of this narrative are profound and troubling. By labeling the fundamental human endeavor of bearing children as an extreme political stance, there is a risk of alienating those who view family expansion as not only a personal choice but also a societal good. It is essential to recognize that encouraging childbirth is not inherently political; it is a matter of national health and continuity.

The statistics are indeed concerning: U.S. births have fallen to their lowest total since 1979, as reported by MSN. This decline has been consistent over recent years, signaling deeper issues within American society—economic pressures, changing cultural values, and perhaps even government policies that do not adequately support young families.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has voiced his concerns about this demographic trend. As Outlook India highlights Musk’s statement on Twitter: “USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years.” His use of the term “moving towards extinction” underscores the gravity he attributes to these declining numbers.

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The causes behind this downward trajectory in birth rates are multifaceted. Economic factors certainly play a role; raising children in today’s world can be prohibitively expensive for many couples who struggle with housing costs, healthcare expenses, and education fees—all while trying to maintain some semblance of financial security.

Cultural shifts also contribute to this phenomenon. There is an increasing emphasis on individualism and career advancement over traditional family roles. Moreover, environmental concerns have led some to question the ethics of bringing more children into an already overburdened planet.

However, it is crucial to consider what low birth rates mean for our future: fewer young people could lead to labor shortages and place immense strain on social security systems as aging populations grow without enough younger workers to support them.

In response to these challenges, some conservatives argue for policies that incentivize childbirth through tax breaks or subsidies for families with children. They advocate for creating environments where young people feel confident in their ability to provide for larger families without sacrificing their quality of life or financial stability.

It’s worth noting that other developed countries have faced similar demographic issues and have implemented various strategies in response. For instance, nations like Hungary have introduced significant financial incentives for families willing to have more children—a policy move aimed squarely at reversing population decline trends without stigmatizing those who choose parenthood.

The debate around birth rates is complex and laden with moral considerations; however one feels about Politico’s characterization or Musk’s dire warnings—the data speaks volumes about where America stands demographically. It calls into question how we value family creation within our society and what measures we’re willing to take—or not take—to address this silent crisis unfolding before us.

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As we navigate these discussions about population trends and their implications for our nation’s future, it becomes increasingly clear that reducing them down to mere political talking points does little justice to their significance or complexity. The conversation around birth rates transcends left or right politics—it touches upon our collective human experience and survival.

While opinions may vary widely on how best to tackle America’s declining fertility rate—from government intervention through childbearing incentives or societal shifts towards more pro-family cultures—the urgency remains undeniable. As conservative voices raise concerns over media portrayals that potentially politicize natural human processes like childbirth, it begs broader reflection on how we discuss and address such pivotal issues moving forward without further deepening ideological divides.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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