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Police Search for Suspect after 12-year-old Girl Brutalized by Rapist During California Home Invasion

California authorities are searching for a suspect who allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl in her bedroom for 5 hours while her parents slept nearby, according to KTLA.

The incident occurred on Dec. 2 in the Blair Hills neighborhood of Culver City. The victim’s parents said the suspect snuck into the home through an unlocked door. Culver City is about 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

The victim told police that the suspect entered her bedroom sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 am. Investigators canvassed the neighborhood for evidence and were able to obtain surveillance footage that showed the suspect leaving the home around 7:00 am.

Detectives believe the suspect entered through an unlocked door on the balcony.

The victim’s mother, Alexis, who was sleeping downstairs during the incident, claimed that the rapist told her daughter “that there was a shooter at her window” in order for the child to stay silent during the horrific hours-long alleged sexual assault.

“The safe neighborhoods apparently aren’t that safe either,” Alexis told KTLA. “So, get together, talk to your kids, have that communication and know your neighbors and know your neighborhood because we think we were watched.”

The Culver City Police Department released an image of the alleged suspect and is asking the public for help in identifying him. The department described the man as white or Hispanic with an average height and build, who was wearing dark-colored clothing with a beanie and white shoes.

“We do not think this is a first-time thing for him,” Alexis told the outlet. “We definitely think that this is something that this person does.”

The victim’s father, Barry, told KTLA that his daughter is “coping.”

“She’s being strong, I think, for us, but she’s doing pretty good,” he said.

The Culver City Police Department released a statement that said: “Investigators are utilizing all available resources and are working tirelessly to identify and locate the suspect involved in this crime.”

Lt. Ryan Thompson of the CCPD can be reached at 310-253-6302. Anyone with information regarding this incident or who may recognize the suspect in the photo is strongly encouraged to contact him. Additionally, information can be emailed to [email protected].

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